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”Dodgy” The Block bidder raffling off Gold Coast home

The almost owner of a The Block property is set to part with a portion of his property portfolio.
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After stirring up controversy and being labelled as a dummy bidder at this year’s The Block auctions, Adrian Portelli is ‘giving away’ his $2.3m Gold Coast mansion after missing out on Omar and Oz’s multimillion dollar rural luxury pad.

Arriving to the auction in a flashy Lamborghini and making sure to greet Omar and Oz with firm hugs, it seemed to the viewer that the trio had a close relationship prior to their appearances on the show.

So close in fact that Portelli made a number of increasingly high bids on the friends property before being presumably outbid by serial The Block bidder Danny Wallis, who purchased the property for a record breaking $5,666,666.66, netting an impressive $1,686,666.66 profit in the process.

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After an onslaught of criticism was levelled at him, with angry viewers of the show questioning his genuine desire to purchase the property, and financial ability to do so, Portelli has hit back, claiming he intended for the house to be ”’given away”’ if he had won the bidding contest.

Addressing the bidding war controversy, Portelli said he wasn’t interested in any of the other homes on this season of The Block.

”People thought I was a dummy bidder and mate of Omar and Oz. I was simply wanting to buy the four bedroom house to give away through my business LMCT+, to give everyday Aussies the chance to win a house they’ve all become attached to over its renovation on The Block,” he said.

”It’s not my fault that Danny let his ego get in the way and drove the price up to a point where it didn’t make sense to me, so I backed out.

”The other houses just weren’t appealing to me for its intended use”.

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Speaking on the ‘sale’ of his Gold Coast mansion, Portelli seems to have mixed feelings.

”We didn’t win The Block house to give away so we’ve found a replacement,” he said.

”It’s a stunning house, but it was never meant for a give away”.

The Mediterranean inspired, impeccably styled home was only built last year, has a pool overlooking the water and is located in the affluent Sanctuary Cove.

Valued at $2.3m, Portelli is ‘giving away’ the waterfront mansion as a prize through his promotions company, LMCT+.

”LCMT+ along with our partners are giving you the chance to win this life changing home on the Gold Coast or take $1.3m TAX FREE CASH! What will you be choosing?”,” the raffle page LMCT+ has set up reads.

Adding fuel to the fire? Adrian posted a cheeky snap in the hot tub with friends Omar and Oz amidst all the rumours he was a dummy bidder.

(Image: Instagram)

The ticketing page then gives entrants the option to choose from several payment options ranging from two tickets into the raffle for the house (or tax-free prize) at $30 for two tickets all the way up to $500 for 200 tickets.

The Lamborghini- driving multi-millionaire also owns another property in nearby Hope Island and says he is building another home in the neighbourhood.

It is unclear whether he intends to raffle these homes off for auction as well.

LCMT+ is also currently raffling a Walkinshaw Supercharged HSV Senator car on its website.

The house in question!

(Image: LMCT+)

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