It: Chapter Two is set to scare the living daylights out of you – watch the trailer

Clowns are nobody's favourite but we can all agree they're good for one thing: scaring the daylights out of us!
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There’s plenty to be excited about with the arrival of It: Chapter Two. Not only do we have a grown-up cast including the likes of James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, and Bill Hader joining the lovable kids from the first film, but the most iconic evil clown in history is back.

Twenty-seven years after first terrifying the Losers Club, Pennywise is back to wreak havoc in Derry, Maine all over again – and according to the man behind the faceprint, Bill Skarsgård, this time he’s even more dangerous.

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“The arc of the first movie is that he, for the first time, experiences fear himself,” the actor told Entertainment Weekly.

“His last line – ‘Fear…’ – is him experiencing it for the first time, and he’s sort of shocked and perplexed and surprised. Like, what is this?”

After having the tables turn on him at the end of the first film, It: Chapter Two sees Pennywise on a more personal vendetta.

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“It fuels hatred and anger towards the kids, who will be adults in this one, so I think there might be an even more vicious Pennywise. He’s really going after it.”

Bill Hader and Bill Skarsgard shared some laughs on set. Watch the interview below to find out more about Hader’s time on set. Story continues after video.

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After months of waiting, we finally got our first look at the film with the arrival of the trailer you can watch at the top of the article – which includes a creepy extended scene of a grown-up Bev Marsh (here played by Chastain) revisiting her childhood home.

Beyond that, we got glimpses of the Losers’ Club old and new, some new creepy Pennywise guises, and more frights to come.

The second half of Stephen King‘s epic horror, was adapted by director Andy Muschietti, will hit cinemas on 6 September.

Ben Travis

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