EXCLUSIVE: Chris Evans and Ana De Armas talk about their new roles in Ghosted

Who wouldn't love a secret agent?
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Chris Evans is back – but in this movie, he won’t be swinging an indestructible shield as Captain America. In fact, in Ghosted, he’s very much not the hero.

“One of the appealing parts of this movie was to be able to play a character who wasn’t the hero,” Chris, 41, tells TV WEEK. “[He’s] a guy who doesn’t know what he’s doing; who is incapable.”

Chris isn’t the hero anymore!

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The film follows Cole (Chris), who falls madly in love with Sadie (Ana De Armas) after a chance meeting and whirlwind first date. While he thinks the date went well, he’s ultimately “ghosted”, a Millennial phenomenon whereby the person you’re interested in ceases all communication with no explanation.

Refusing to take no for an answer, Cole travels to find Sadie for a chance at love, only for the second date he’d dreamed of to be turned into an international mission to save the world with a girl who isn’t just his love interest, but a secret agent leading a double life.

“In terms of the gender norms, these big action movies are typically swapped,” Chris says. “So, a movie like this is refreshing and fun when you have this kind of role reversal of what we expect in film or from social norms.”

Sadie is living a double life.

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Ana, 34, famous for her roles as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde and the James Bond film No Time To Die, reveals she went through a gruelling training program to do a lot of the stunts herself.

“It’s very empowering to learn all these things and be able to do it yourself,” she explains. “Of course, you do have a stunt double next to you in case you need her, but to pull off this stuff is pretty cool. It feels like all the hard work was for a good reason.”

Chris and Ana were also excited to be working together again, having previously co-starred in the fan favourite mystery Knives Out, as well as Netflix’s action-packed thriller The Gray Man. It makes Ghosted the pair’s third on-screen collaboration.

WATCH: A day in the life of the new Bond girl, Ana de Armas. Article continues after the video.

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But gender norms and familiar faces aside, the film really is about finding love in an unexpected place.

“Sadie’s afraid of loving someone and losing them, because she’s lost people in the past and has based her entire life on her career and that’s her excuse,” Ana tells TV WEEK. “Cole is a farmer who’s helping his dad, because he’s afraid of writing a book and travelling the world and being judged.

“Getting out of your comfort zone is uncomfortable for everyone and something we can all relate to.”

Chris thinks that while Cole is obviously on a search for love, even though Sadie seems to be complete without it, perhaps a little love is all she needs.

They’ve starred in three movies together.

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“Maybe even the toughest of us, the people who seem most independent, still to some degree need that missing piece,” he says.

But would Chris would actually message someone 11 times in a row, as Cole does in the film, in real life?

“If I was really into her, maybe,” he teases. “I’d learn the hard way.”

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