The best bloopers from our Bachelor photoshoot!

An exclusive behind-the-scenes peek from our photoshoot with The Bachelor stars!
The Bachelor 2016

From playing the quintessential beach boy to showing off his smooth moves in a 1950s style diner, Richie’s range knows no bounds!

Tonight’s group date certainly didn’t disappoint with the ladies turning it up for their Woman’s Day photoshoot.

And while the chemistry was palpable with Richie and Alex during their one-on-one session, Richie made sure he got to know all of the contestants as they joked about on set.

Click through the gallery to check out the best bloopers!

Be sure to pick up the latest issue of Woman’s Day, on sale Monday, to find out exactly what went down at the photoshoot.

Richie’s trademark cool bananas pose was out in full force.

The 30-year-old enjoyed a spot of volleyball with Tolyna, Faith and Kiki.

They might all be vying for the same man but that didn’t stop them from sharing a few laughs.

Richie flashes his muscles to the ladies…

And Tolyna was more than happy to show off hers too!

The Bachelor 2016

Sasha didn’t hold back when she jokingly threatened to pour her milkshake on Keira’s head.

Doting Richie helps Sasha get something out of her eye.

Sasha made sure Keira felt her presence during their shot.

The WA local wasn’t afraid to bust a move!

On the first episode, she attempted to serenade him through song and on the second, Eliza used the power of dance! Relive Eliza’s singing in the next slide. Gallery continues after the video!

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Eliza sings for Richie on The Bachelor

How low can you go?

Eliza was the life of the party!

Eventually, Laura shimmied on in to do the twist with Richie.

Mia and Richie share a sweet moment while the girls watch on.

Honestly, this guy can’t take a bad photo!

Alex and Richie were at ease in each other’s company.

The 24-year-old looked incredible in a figure-hugging red dress.

These two are absolutely adorable together.

Pucker up!

We can’t wait to watch more of these two!

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Richie talks about The Bachelor premiere!

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