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Romantasy is all anyone is talking about at the moment, but what exactly is it? As its name suggests, it’s a blending of the fantasy and romance genres. Novels are typically set in fantastical worlds and feature elements like vampires, dragons and magic, but they also include classic romance plotlines, including soulmates and love triangles. Known for being a bit “spicy”, they often feature sex scenes and a strong female protagonist.

While the “romantasy” label is relatively new, having become trendy thanks to TikTok, the concept itself has been around for some time – think Anne Rice. Here we take a look at some of the most prolific romantasy writers and their top books


Kate Forsyth

Romantasy author Kate Forsyth smiles in bright pink lipstick with her two books The Tower of Ravens and DragonClaw
Kate Forsyth wrote her first novel when she was seven, and now she is an internationally bestselling author of 40 books for both adults and children. (Image: Supplied)

The Australian author is best known for her historical fiction, but she’s no stranger to the romantasy genre, with two heroic fantasy series. Kate worked as a journalist for several years before focusing on storytelling. She has a doctorate of creative arts in fairytale studies and lives in Sydney with her husband and three children.

Dragonclaw, from $22.99 at Dymocks

Since the Day of Reckoning, witches and magic have been outlawed in the kingdom of Eileanan, but there are those determined to restore magic. Raised by an old wood witch in the forest, Isabeau carries the last hopes of the witches.

The Tower of Ravens, from $22.99 at Dymocks

Kate’s second romantasy series also takes place in fictional Eileanan but focuses on a young half-human who flees her family. She meets a young man, Lewen, and together they embark on a journey of danger, love and death.

Sarah J Maas

Romantasy author Sarah J Maas smiles in a nice tan and black suit with her two books A Court of Thorns and Roses and Throne of Glass
Sarah J Maas skyrocketed to fame on TikTok and is the bestselling author of 2024 so far. (Image: Supplied)

It would be surprising if you hadn’t heard this author’s name thrown around. Her five-book series A Court Of Thorns And Roses is the original of the genre. Sarah began writing her debut novel when she was just 16 years old and has since written more than 20 books, selling 37 million copies worldwide. The author lives in LA with her husband and two children.

A Court of Thorns and Roses, from $12 on Amazon AU

Huntress Feyre is captured by a dangerous faerie and taken to a mysterious land. She becomes consumed by passion for her captor, but an ancient shadow threatens the kingdom and Feyre’s faerie keeper.

Throne of Glass, from $12 on Amazon AU

Sarah’s debut novel is a must-read. If trapped assassin Celaena can defeat 23 killers in a competition, she will be released from prison. But when her competitors begin mysteriously dying, Celaena must destroy the threat before she becomes the next victim.

Carissa Broadbent

Author Carissa Broadbent smiles wearing a wedding gown with her two books The Serpent & The Wings of Night and The Songbird & The Heart of Stone
Carissa Broadbent is revered for writing novels with a heaping dose of badass ladies and a big pinch of romance. (Image: Supplied)

The American author has been writing stories since she was about nine years old and debuted her first novel A Palace Fractured in 2017. She has since gone on to write two very successful romantasy series. Her novels are best known for their badass leading ladies and their heaping dose of romance. She lives with her husband and her son on Rhode Island, US.

The Serpent & The Wings Of Night, from $17.24 on Amazon AU

The adopted human daughter of a vampire king, Oraya, enters a dangerous competition known as the Kejari to obtain a wish from the vampire goddess. She is forced to make an alliance with the enemy.

The Songbird & The Heart Of Stone, from $18 on Amazon AU

Due to arrive on shelves in November, this novel follows reluctant vampire Mische, who is sentenced to death for killing a vampire. When she is rescued by handsome Asar, the pair embark on a treacherous journey.

Deborah Harkness

Author Deborah Harkness smiles wearing blue with her two books The Black Bird Oracle and A Discovery of Witches
Romantasy author Deborah Harkness quips her life can be summed up in three words: history, books, and libraries. (Image: Supplied)

While she’s best known for her romantasy novels, Deborah’s true passion lies in history. The American author has studied around the world and has a doctoral degree in the history of magic and science. She currently teaches European history and the history of science at the University of Southern California.

A Discovery of Witches, from $17.70 on Amazon AU

Her first novel debuted to huge success and has been made into a series starring Teresa Palmer. It tells the story of Diana Bishop, a reluctant witch who is forced back into a world of magic after discovering a secret manuscript. She soon meets charming vampire and geneticist Matthew Clairmont.

The Black Bird Oracle, from $15.99 on Amazon AU

Deborah has expanded on her All Souls trilogy, and this upcoming novel will continue Diana and Matthew’s journey. The pair face a new challenge as the congregation demands they test the powers of their twins Pip and Rebecca. The family flee to Diana’s great-aunt’s, but once there, they face an even greater danger.

Rebecca Yarros

Author Rebecca Yarros smiles with her two books Iron Flame and Fourth Wing
Author Rebecca Yarros is a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic and coffee addict. (Image: Supplied)

Rebecca began writing while her army husband was deployed to Afghanistan. Her first romance novel Full Measures debuted in 2014 to great success and she continued putting pen to paper. She first began writing romantasy in 2023 with the Empyrean series, which quickly became bestsellers. American Rebecca is also a proud mum of six.

Fourth Wing, from $14 on Amazon AU

Violet was supposed to become a scribe, instead she joins the candidates striving to become elite dragon riders. There, she must use her wits to survive the dangerous selection process. Meanwhile, the raging war outside the kingdom gets closer.

Iron Flame, from $16 on Amazon AU

The second book in the series continues Violet’s battle to become a dragon rider. But she soon begins to discover that those in charge have been keeping a secret hidden for centuries. Will the knowledge be enough to see her survive?

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