Rachael Gouvignon leaves as Richie reveals his top three

It may have been home visits, but for sadly for Rachael, she wasn't there to stay!
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We’ve reached the icing of the Bachie cake… Home visits!

The table was turned on poor Richie, with the Perth boy landing himself under the Bachelorettes’ family’s burning questions.

From Olena’s dad throwing on the boxing gloves to see how Richie could handle his upper cut, to Alex’s brother asking how Richie would handle being Elijah’s father figure, it was an intense episode and the usually composed Richie turned red and tongue tired more than a few times!

WA beauty Nikki finally told Richie she was in love with him, which was met with an awkward silence before they made out.

In the end, Rachael didn’t make the cut.

“You’ve got to follow your heart. Coming in here, of course you’d love to be the girl at the end. It hasn’t worked but that’s fine. At least I gave it a shot,” Rachael said upon hearing the news.

We caught up with the WA local to chat about her time in the Bachie mansion.

Rachael Gouvignon, 31, Support Worker, Western Australia

What was it like meeting Richie for the first time?

I had an idea it was him but when I knew it was him I was ecstatic and over the moon! Plus, he was good looking so that helps.

What was Richie like with you when you first met and did you have any idea on what he was looking for in his dream girl?

He complimented me a lot and loved my red dress. When I first met him we had a lot of fun, we danced, he was break dancing and it seemed like he really liked girls that don’t take life too seriously and have fun.

How do you feel about him now?

When I think of Richie, I think he is such an amazing guy. He has made me set my bar even higher – so thanks very much! I hope that he is happy with who he has chosen.

Relive Rachael’s finest moments on the show! Interview continues below…

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Rach made it all the way to home visits.

Was there anything about yourself Richie didn’t get to see?

I felt like Richie completely got to know who I am although I think I had my guard up a bit.

Would you do anything differently?

I would go to the gym more!

What was your most memorable Bachie moment?

Being in fits of laughter at the Olympic Games group date.

Rach will never forget chowing down on Haggis and competing in the Bachie Olympics.

The sassy brunette still believes in love.

Who was your Bachie bestie?

I have a few. Steph, Faith and Nikki. I can relate to them, feel really comfortable with them and had a lot of fun with them. I really enjoyed their company – all three of them had a good balance.

Were there any girls in the mansion that you were glad to see them go?

No, I generally got along with all of the girls. I became closer friends with some over others but they were all pretty awesome girls.

What’s next for you post Bachelor?

I’m still single and focusing on getting back into real life, catching up with friends, hitting the gym and heading back to work but I’m open to what exciting new things may come my way.

The WA girl will treasure her time on the show.

Do you still believe in love?

Yes of course, love is the most important thing!

Do you have any advice for the top three girls?

My advice would be to let your guard down and let Richie see the amazing qualities that you have.

Who do you think is going to win?

Nikki, I’ve had the gut feeling since I met her and I can see the connection. He digs Nikki!

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