Faith Williams leaves The Bachelor Australia as Richie reaches his final 4

She may have been praying for love, but Faith was unlucky when it came to Richie!
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The mansion is anything but roses, especially at the gritty end of the competition!

Tonight we saw Richie and the ladies give up their glamorous mansions for the great outdoors on a group camping date.

Sadly, the vivacious Faith won’t be making it to the home round visits as Richie said goodbye to the hairdresser from Queensland.

“You are amazing. This is so hard Faith,” Richie said.

“Obviously we’re not meant to be. I hope I find a guy like you,” a teary Faith said upon hearing the news.

“It definitely hurts because I felt like something was there.”

We caught up with the pretty blonde to talk about her time in the house!

Faith Williams, 26, Hairdresser

What was it like meeting Richie for the first time?

I didn’t know much about him as I hadn’t seen the Bachelorette but I had heard a lot of good things. I expected he would be a great guy and he turned out to be exactly that. He was really good-looking and I got a good vibe off him.

What do you think he’s looking for in “The One”

I think he said that he wanted someone who has similar interests to him, someone adventurous, fun and down to earth.

Now that you’re out of the house, do you still have feelings for Richie?

When I was in the house I thought I was developing feelings for him. But now that I am out, I’m pretty happy that I left when I did because the other girls have stronger feelings for him. I wish him all the best because they are awesome girls.

Relive the magic of Faith and Richie’s hilarious date that involved Hamish Blake playing a toddler… Interview continues below!

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Faith and Richie played mums and dads with the radio funnyman.

Looking back, would you do anything differently?

I hadn’t watched the show before so I didn’t know what to expect. In saying that, I’m glad that I did do it as I had an awesome experience. I wouldn’t have done anything differently because I am who I am.

Is there a moment that you’ll always treasure?

I had so many! I can’t even count, I liked it towards the end when the group of girls was smaller, we got really close and it was really nice being there with such great girls. I loved the camping and the kangaroo boxing, it was the funniest thing I had to do. I have never laughed so much in my life.

What was the worst moment on the show?

I was the most sad when I didn’t get a rose after my single date.

The bubbly blonde made the nation smile with her kind ways.

Who was your Bachie Bestie?

I got really close to Rach and Kiki. Kiki was my room mate so we got on really well and Rach, I clicked with her from the very first time I met her and we got along really well.

Was there anyone you didn’t like in the mansion?

I got along with pretty much everyone, obviously there were a lot of big personalities but we managed to make it work.

What’s next for you out in the real world?

Back to normal life.

Despite not being the one for Richie, the 26-year-old still has faith in love!

Do you still believe in love?

Yes of course!

Do you have any advice for Rachael, Olena, Nikki and Alex?

Be true to yourself but still be realistic with yourself because there can only be one girl at the end.

Who do you think is going to win Richie’s heart?

This is the hardest question. I still think Nikki, I felt like it might be her from the very start.

She’s not the only one who has faith in Nikki! In the video player below, check out what last year’s winner, Snezana, has to say about this year’s Bachie girls.

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