Kiki Morris leaves The Bachelor Australia

After weeks of trying to win his heart, Bachelor Richie simply wasn’t cuckoo for Kiki.
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With only seven Bachelorettes left in the running, the competition for Richie Strahan’s heart is well and truly heating up.

Sparks flew yet again between Nikki and Richie on another single date which saw the couple enjoy a romantic drive in an antique car before heading to a barn for a flirty dance. Nikki even admitted on her piece to camera that she had fallen in love with the charming rope technician.

But on Wednesday night’s episode of The Bachelor Australia, the flame was extinguished for one of the season’s most captivating contestants with Kiki Morris sent packing.

We caught up with the lovely lady to debrief on her time in the house.


What was your first impression of Richie?

I thought he was very goofy, funny, very warm and welcoming.

Did he give you any indication of what he was looking for? Did he give you any special compliments?

Richie always complimented me on my sense of humour and my selflessness. He always told me that I cared too much about everyone else and put everyone else first. Richie likes a girl with a good sense of humour ‘cos he is constantly cracking jokes.

What was your favourite moment from the Bachelor experience?

There are way too many to chose from! I loved the group dates where all the girls put their differences aside and had fun like at the tough mudder and roller derby dates. Those are some of the most fun experiences I have ever had.

Who was your best gal pal in the mansion?

I have two best friends in the house, Faith and Noni. They were my girls. I have told them everything and they kept all of my secrets and I kept theirs, they were like my sisters.

They shared a sense of adventure, but Kiki and Richie simply weren’t meant to be.

Do you still believe in love?

I definitely believe in love. I am a very romantic person, I believe there is a partner and soul mate for everyone and I will never stop looking for that.

What advice would you give to Richie’s remaining bachelorettes?

To be honest and truthful to Richie about how they feel about him. And let go of any minor arguments they have as it is a once in a life time experience and I’ve loved every moment I have spent with each and every one of them.

Who do you think will be the one to win his heart?

It’s incredibly hard to choose as each one has their own special connection with Richie… it is very hard but he is very compatible with Faith. They have an equal share of humour and thirst for travel and that giggly side. Their connection is beautiful to watch and I’ve witnessed it first hand.

Relive Kiki and Keira’s explosive fight in the video player below…

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