Intruder Sarah leaves The Bachelor Australia

Sadly for Sarah, she couldn't intrude on Richie Strahan's heart, as she was eliminated on Thursday night's episode of The Bachelor Australia.
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With only eight bachelorettes left, things certainly got heated as the girls were taken on a very Scottish group date.

Filled with dancing, the highlands and a haggis eating contest, it seemed like intruder Sarah Harding was catching Richie’s attention for all the wrong reasons.

The 26-year-old motorbike saleswoman couldn’t help but flash her black underwear while competing in a sheaf toss challenge.

“I think I’m mooning a lot of people at the same time,” she admitted.

One person who had no issue getting their kit off was Alex during her delicious single date filled with chocolates, an edible bath and of course that red rose.

Sadly for Sarah, her heart was left in the highlands, with Richie saying goodbye to her.

We caught up with eliminated motorbike lover to chat about her brief time in the house.

What did you think of Richie when you first met him?

I thought he was lovely, really handsome and just a really genuine nice guy.

Did he give you any indication of what kind of girls he likes? Did he give you any particular compliments?

He said I looked nice in my motorbike stuff. I think we talked about things we had in common but I guess I didn’t ask what kind of girls he likes.

What are your feelings towards Richie at this point?

I still think he is an awesome guy. He is a nice, genuine, lovely man who is going to make some girl really happy.

The 26-year-old blonde from the Gold Coast rode into the show and created a storm!

Is there anything about you that you wished Richie had got to know or got to know differently?

Ye,s I wish he got to know me a little bit more in a closer setting. With the girls around I got a little nervous but if I had got to have a single date, he would have got to know my personality without me being nervous.

If you had your time over in the house, would you do anything differently?

I would probably be a bit more confident in myself. By being confident, I would have thought a bit more about the questions to ask Richie and gone a little deeper when answering a bit deeper.

What was your favourite moment in the Bachelor experience?

Going on the dirt bike date and riding bikes with Richie.

Watch Sarah’s highlight’s from tonight’s episode in the player below! Article continues…

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What would you say was your lowest moment on the show?

My second rose ceremony when the other girls went home and I got the rose instead of them, I felt really bad. I hate seeing other people upset and hurt, I would rather be upset myself.

Who was your best friend in the house and why?

Steph, she was always there to talk to me. I made friends with all of the girls, they are really beautiful girls and I can’t wait to talk to them after they are out of the house.

Is there anyone from the show you’re happy to say goodbye to and why?

Not really. I thought all of the girls were really lovely.

Sarah with her fellow intruders, now-eliminated Khalia, and still-vying for Richie, Steph.

While Sarah had eyes for the hunky WA boy, sadly the feeling wasn’t mutual.

What’s next for you out in the real world?

Getting back into work and the gym and hopefully finding another nice guy.

Do you still believe in love?

I still believe in love, hopefully with someone who is out there for me… and hopefully he likes motorbikes!

What advice would you give to the girls left in the show?

To not waste any time and use every moment to tell Richie your feeling, as you only have one chance and you don’t want them to go to waste.

Who do you think is going to win?

I’m hoping Faith but maybe Alex.

Check out Alex’s adverse reaction to the intruders in the video below!

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