MKR’s Carly and Tresne: Now we’re hitched for real!

Love was certainly in the air when MKR favourites Carly and Tresne tied the knot for the second time…only this time, it’s legal!

Carly Saunders and Tresne Middleton captured the hearts of the nation when they revealed they were in a loving relationship sealed with a commitment ceremony.

Now the loved up pair form NSW have taken their love to new heights, flying to New Zealand to officially tie the knot, bypassing Australia’s same-sex marriage ban.

The bubbly blondes from the last series of MKR excitedly tied the knot in a legal ceremony on beautiful Waiheke Island.

The couple, who have been together almost a decade, celebrated their love for each other in a commitment ceremony in Newcastle two years ago. But this time around, they recited romantic vows and say they didn’t feel judged for loving one another.

“The wording is different at a commitment ceremony. You’re not even called brides,” says Carly.

“You want it to feel real but you know it’s not. It’s like someone’s telling you you can’t feel a certain way. It’s so unbelievably shitty we can’t get officially married in our own country. It’s a real downer,” Tresne continues.

“But today it’s only about us – no drama and no distractions. The way it should be,” she says.

Standing hand in hand, Carly fought back tears as she promised to protect and be loyal to her “rock, princess and little entrepreneur” both now and forever.

Tresne sincerely pledged to Carly she’d “respect, inspire and encourage you with your goals and dreams”.

The pair’s marriage was sealed with a kiss as they were pronounced Mrs and Mrs Hart.

“We both have family who don’t support us, so we thought, ‘Stuff them, let’s decide on a new name that’s true to us,” says Carly.

“Heart is the one thing that’s constant in our lives’,” adds Tresne. “It’s love, romance, passion and being – and it’s the reason we’re here today.”

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