Mark Holden’s bizarre outburst after ‘disaster on the dance floor’ performance

He was scored just four points by the judges, but somehow Mark Holden will dance another week, after the public voted to keep him in the competition.

The actor turned barrister performed a Jazz routine with his partner, Jessica Prince. However, he didn’t even appear to be dancing, leaving the judges less than impressed with his efforts.

Following his shocking performance, in which he dressed as a clown, the 60-year-old took aim at the judges making inappropriate comments.

He first spoke to host Daniel MacPherson strangely saying in a deep voice: “Do you like balloons Danny. I can get you a balloon Danny.”

He then took aim at Judge Helen Richey saying “I loved you in The Queen honest to god. Not a lot of dancing though.”

To which she replied, “There wasn’t in that either my darling,” referencing his performance.

Mark and his dancing partner Jessica Prince.

He then told judge and dancer Kym Johnson: “I need to sit you down on my knee young girl and have a bloody good conversation.”

When Todd McKenney said he had sympathy for Mark’s dance partner Jessica Prince and commented on the professional dancers swapping partners next week, Mark said: “I love the idea of a swingers week.”

Todd added: “If I was a conspiracytheorist Mark I would think that you are actually employed by the other networks rather than Chanel Seven. “

Mark had to be awkwardly ushered off stage by Daniel when things didn’t appear to be getting any better.

Many viewers were left shocked by his strange behavior and his antics quickly started trending on social media with many questioning whether he was drunk.

Shockingly, after two weeks in the bottom two, Mark was voted to stay in the competition by the public and April Rose Pengilly voted out.

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