The 2023 winner of Big Brother Australia is Gold Coast sisters Ari and Taylor

Did you see this coming?
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After five weeks of drama, challenges, and budding romances, Big Brother Australia has officially come to an end for 2023.

With 15 of their fellow housemates evicted, Tay and Ari, Minee, and Louis were the final three contestants standing, with their cunning strategies and in-house alliances helping them work their way to the top.

Ari and Taylor have won Big Brother 2023.

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Reflecting on his experience in the Big Brother house, Louis told host Sonia Kruger, “I was never in anyone’s top three except for Josh’s.. so it made it more and more stressful every day.”

Echoing her Big Brother boyfriend’s sentiments, Minee shared “I absolutely didn’t think I was going to be [in the final] in general… I have actually been able to make an impact on this game and show people what they can do when they put their mind to it.”

While it may have been the final episode of the season, it was certainly not without its fair share of signature Big Brother drama, with Bella revealing that finalist Ari’s boyfriend Teejay had contacted her as soon as he left the Big Brother house.

Minee and Louis were the final contestants.

(Image: Seven)

“I think we’ve opened up to each other a little bit more and seen more of each other’s personalities coming out of the house and that’s been really nice. He’s got to talk to my mum and my sister,” Bella shared, receiving a disappointed glare from Ari.

While Teejay and Ari’s relationship may have been on the rocks at the end of the season, fan-favourite finalists Louis and Minee were still going strong.

“This experience in this house wouldn’t have been at all what it is if it wasn’t for this man,” said Minee.

After each of the final housemates looked back on their journey to the top three, host Sonia announced that the fan voting lines had officially closed.

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While the vote may have been tight, fans voted TikTok star siblings Tay and Ari Wilcoxson as the winners of Big Brother Australia 2023.

“Oh my God, it’s insane. It doesn’t feel real. We did it!” they told Sonia following the exciting news.

After Tay, 23, and Ari, 20, were awarded $100,000 in prize money the siblings revealed what they planned to use the funds for.

“We’ve always said we would want to help our family. That is a big reason why we are here,” they said in a statement.

“But we also want to make more memories and travel together and start something of our own business wise. The money will get lots of use.”

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