Fans have already predicted who they think will win Australian Survivor in 2024

Who will be named Sole Survivor?
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Australian Survivor is in its ninth season in 2024, and this year the ruthless Titans are taking on the limitless Rebels.

With only three castaways remaining, whose torches will be snuffed and who will walk away with the $500,000 cash prize?

Ahead of the finale of the 2024 season, Survivor superfans have already revealed who they think will take the crown and be named Sole Survivor.

Thanks to betting sites such as Sportsbet, fans are able to bet on who they think has what it takes to make it all the way to the end.

These odds give us an interesting insight into who the potential winner of Australian Survivor could be in 2024.

Will a Titan or Rebel win Australian Survivor in 2024? (Image Channel 10)

Big player Feras appears to be the front-runner to win this year, as his odds sit at $1.27 on Sportsbet. His strategic game play and smart moves may be the reason as to why he’s the fan favourite to win.

While speaking with TV WEEK, Australian Survivor host Jonathan LaPaglia gave some insight into his strategy.

“He’s been playing a big game, while still staying loyal to his people. He has a sixth sense which has allowed him and his alliance to stay one step ahead. He’s cheeky and likeable and not afraid of toying with the other players, but he has also put a few noses out of joint on that jury,” he said.

Currently sitting in second place, and quite a bit behind Feras, is Mark who is sitting at $4.33 odds. 

Feras is tipped as most likely to win Survivor in 2024. (Image: Channel 10)

“The former diplomat has used his considerable skills to manage some big personalities on the island,” Jonathan said of Mark.

“Having spent most of the game of the back foot, it’s a true credit to him that he’s made it this far. Becoming a late-blooming challenge beast and having strong connections on the jury might just be enough to clinch the win, if he can get there.”

Meanwhile, Caroline is sitting in third place and final place – after Raymond was bumped in the semi final – in terms of potentially winning Survivor 2024, with odds at $6.00.

According to Jonathan, Caroline is the “godmother of the group,” ruling the camp with “an iron fist.”

“She has kept her core alliance tight but has worked with many of the game’s factions to manoeuvre her way to the end. She’s not afraid of a little emotion or emotional blackmail to get her way but will the jury reward that behaviour or see it as manipulation,” he told TV WEEK.

Raymond is seen as the least favourite to win. (Images: Channel 10)

Sportsbet has made accurate predictions in the past regarding other reality television shows including Big Brother, My Kitchen Rules and The Masked Singer.

As we move closer towards the end of the 2024 season each week, the rankings and odds will undoubtedly change, so watch this space for more updates.

The winner of Survivor will be decided by the jury, which was formed once there were nine players left.

The jury will observe each Tribal Council and ultimately determine who is named Sole Survivor by voting during the last episode, based on the final two castmates pleading their case for why they think they should win.

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