The tribe has spoken: Everyone who has been eliminated from Australian Survivor 2024

These Titans and Rebels’ torches have been snuffed.
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Australian Survivor is back for another year and in 2024, the “ruthless” Titans are taking on the limitless Rebels.

It’s the ninth season of the much-loved reality show, and there’s bound to be endless strategic game plays and undoubtedly lots of drama.

The Titans are bosses, experts, overachievers and masters of their craft who are used to taking control, making the rules and calling the shots.

But the Rebels are the mavericks, thrill-seekers, outsiders and underdogs who are used to taking risks, pushing boundaries, walking on the wild side and creating anarchy.

12 Titans and 12 Rebels will fight it out to win half a million dollars – but who really has what it takes to play and win the ultimate game?

Only one contestant can be named Sole Survivor! See who has left the show so far…

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In an excruciating, physically and mentally exhausting challenge, the players had to stand on narrow pegs fixed to a giant wheel. In regular intervals, the wheel turned and forced them onto even narrower pegs. If their feet left the wheel, they were out.

Being in front of their spouses, the final immunity challenge unsurprisingly proved a difficult feat and Mark was the first to tap out after a gruelling two hours and 15 minutes.

It was Feras who walked away with the immunity necklace, and with the sole power to decide who he brought with him to the end, Feras decided to vote out Mark.

Speaking with TV Week after the finale, Mark spoke about how difficult it was to get to close to the end but just fall short.

“I think when I stood off that torture chamber that the Survivor gods created, that’s when the moment really sunk in. But at the same time, I had to take my hat off to both Feras and Caroline – they both beat me fair and square and I made it to the end. I got to share that moment with my wife which was very special,” Mark said.

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Tensions were high as the top four headed into Tribal Council, and after winning immunity once again, Mark was weighing up his options for who he wanted to take through to the final three with him.

Knowing Raymond would never write down Feras’ name, Mark and Caroline thought their only course of action was to convince Feras to flip on his closest friend in the game and vote him out.

However, sensing that Feras was lying about writing Raymond’s name down, Mark’s plan was to embarrass him at Tribal Council in front of the jury to expose his false promises.

In the end, Feras put his vote on Caroline and there was a tie between her and Raymond. The two castmates had to compete in a fire-making challenge and Caroline finished on top, sending Raymond home.

Speaking to TV Week after he was eliminated, Raymond told us about what was going through his mind when his torch was snuffed.

“I was so overcome with so many emotions and I’m pretty sure that the moment food arrived there was a lot of talking and a lot of me just yelling lots at the jury out of excitement,” he said.

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After a few weeks of winning individual immunity, Kirby lost the immunity challenge and knew the likelihood of her being eliminated was high.

Being one of this season’s biggest and strongest players, Kirby’s possible elimination was on everyone’s lips at the camp.

Allies Feras and Raymond teamed up together to try and convince the rest of the tribe that they both had immunity idols so that the voting options would be limited.

Before heading to Tribal Council, Kirby asked Feras directly if he would play his idol for her, however Feras chose to protect himself against his toughest competition in the game, and Kirby was sent home.

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Caroline found a hidden immunity idol at camp, and tried to convince everyone to put their votes on Mark.

Her plan was to play her immunity idol for Mark, in order to actually vote out one of the biggest players this season – Feras.

Meanwhile, Kirby wanted to split the votes between Mark and Kitty and unfortunately for Caroline, Kitty was eliminated.

After her torch was snuffed, Kitty said: “I just got blindsided – I didn’t see it coming. I was definitely surprised to see the idol come out. Caroline did not tell me the plan but I’m proud of her for playing her own game.”

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A paranoid Kirby was concerned that Alex’s statements at the last Tribal Council had caused her name to be thrown around.

Kirby ended up winning a much-needed immunity challenge, keeping her safe from the vote. Although she was happy to be safe, she also felt worried about her best friend in the game, Rianna, as she didn’t want to leave her vulnerable and on the chopping block. 

Almost all of the other castmates seemed keen to vote out Rianna, but Kirby was determined to convince everyone to put down Mark’s name instead. 

Rianna had a target on her back as a strong challenge player and ended up being eliminated by the Tasi tribe.

After being voted out, Rianna said: “The only thing about me going tonight is that Kirby’s by herself. Kirby is gonna have to dig deep because people are going to be coming at her with pitchforks left, right and centre.”

Rianna also spoke with TV Week after her elimination, and told us that she is still close friends with Kirby today. “She’s one of my closest friends and it’s weird to say because you don’t think these strong relationships can actually be ongoing, but literally we’ve become such close mates in real life,” Rianna said.

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After winning the reward challenge and taking Kirby, Rianna and Caroline on a spa day, Alex thought he was gaining Kirby’s trust in the game.

However, Kirby and Rianna went behind Alex’s back and simply told him what he wanted to hear about who they would vote off next.

Alex soon regretted his decision to take the girls to the spa, sensing his name was on the chopping block regardless.

His suspicions were correct, and he spent Tribal Council trying to convince everyone to vote out Kirby instead. But in the end his words rubbed the other castaways the wrong way, and Alex was eliminated after receiving five votes compared to Kirby’s two.

After his torch was snuffed, Alex said: “What a disaster. In this game you’ve gotta try something and I wasn’t going to be a sitting duck just waiting to be picked off, so I went down swinging.”

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Raymond decided to try and use the advantage he found, which was that if he could get all of the votes on him, he would get the ultimate vote and get to choose who went home.

Meanwhile, Valeria wanted to vote out Rianna while she didn’t have immunity but she didn’t have enough votes. 

Playing up his homesickness, Raymond (with the help of Feras) was able to convince all the other castmates to vote for him, and cast the deciding vote himself.

Raymond’s plan was ultimately successful, and he sent big player Valeria home in an epic blindside that no one saw coming.

After her elimination, Valeria said: “Raymond did mention a couple of days ago that I was his big threat, so when I heard what Raymond had the power of, I kind of had a feeling that was probably going to be my last night.”

Valeria spoke with TV Week after she left the game, and spoke about whether she thought Raymond’s move would backfire on him.

“It could go both ways – I feel like because half of the camp apparently knew about [his power], they would stick to playing with him, where the other side maybe might feel a bit personally frustrated due to believing him and him leading on the feeling that he’s not wanting to be a part of the game. That could also make people upset that they trusted how he felt, especially after Scotty left.”

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A new alliance formed between Kirby, Feras, Rianna, Raymond, and Jaden, and they strategised to eliminate Valeria.

Meanwhile, Caroline, Kitty, Valeria, Mark and Alex joined forces to try and dismantle the other new alliance, and plotted to vote out Jaden.

With both alliances having five players each, most players were expecting there to be a tie.

Mark tried to recruit Raymond during Tribal Council to give them extra votes and sensing that Raymond unveiled their plans, Kirby tried to change her alliance’s vote to Alex.

However, her plan didn’t quite work out and Jaden ended up being eliminated after receiving five votes compared to Alex’s four.

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There were a lot of suspicious and conflicted players at camp, with different alliances throwing around different names.

Kirby’s alliance poached the original Titans players to help attack Feras’ alliance, and blindside Aileen.

Meanwhile, Feras’ alliance was determined to vote out Mark, and Feras was particularly suspicious that something was amiss.

In the end, the original Titans players all stuck with Kirby’s plan and voted out Aileen, making her the first member of the jury for 2024.

After her torch was snuffed, Aileen said: “I don’t regret anything in the game – I took a lot of risks. My message to the Tasi tribe is ‘play hard and start to make big moves because you need to start building your resume now’.

“I want the game to shift and I want alliances to go up and down. My vote is open and I’m gonna vote for the best player out there”.

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Caroline and Kitty plotted to vote against their newly formed alliance with Feras, and planned to vote out Raymond with the help of the other original Titans players.

However, a suspicious Feras caught onto a vibe that something was off during Tribal Council, where he and Kirby began whispering with the other original Rebels castmates to change their game plan.

The Rebels ended up putting their votes on Eden, and when it was revealed there was a tie between Eden and Raymond, the players had to recast their votes, and Jaden flipped and sent Eden packing in vengeance for his friend Winna.

When speaking with TV Week about his elimination, Eden said he didn’t have any regrets about the way he played his game: “I suppose for my game initially I was doing a lot of seed-planting and managing my threat level, and making sure that other people were the focus. You can see, like, everyone was talking about the revenge on Kitty and Caroline – no one was talking like ‘oh we need to get Eden out’,” he said.

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A paranoid Kitty had her head on the chopping block last time so she was rightfully nervous going into Tribal Council again.

However, Valeria and Mark’s plan was to lead Kitty to believe she was being gunned for again, while they were actually putting their votes on Kitty’s best friend in the game, Caroline.

Meanwhile, a desperate Kitty and Caroline were scrambling to find anyone who would work with them and found themselves in discussion with Feras’ alliance which included Aileen and Raymond, where they decided to put their votes on Winna.

In the end, it was Winna whose torch was snuffed after he received six votes compared to Caroline’s five, whilst both Mark and Valeria also received one vote each. 

After his elimination, Winna said: “I was very cocky in that Tribal Council – I’m a competitive eater and I think I could eat maybe like 25 humble pies right now.

“My alliance were clearly outnumbered and they’re going to need to do a bit of work now moving forward.”

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The castaways reached a pinnacle point in the competition, with both tribes merging to become one tribe: “Tasi” which means “one” in Samoan.

With all of the castmates voting together, it was set to be a huge Tribal Council where lines were drawn and alliances were clearly shown.

The original Titans were gunning to vote out Raymond, while the original Rebels plus Valeria strategized to try and eliminate Kitty.

However, during Tribal Council Scott shockingly announced he would be voluntarily leaving Survivor due to his mental health. He said that the hunger, lack of sleep and the elements left him struggling to find a way to put the game down and focus.

Scott’s decision to leave the competition made for a teary Tribal Council, with all of the castmates rallying behind him..

Our sister site WHO spoke to Scott after he left Survivor, and he told them: “I had [my partner] Elliot in my head saying, ‘There are certain things that aren’t worth it.’  Your mental health is so important, and I didn’t go into the game wanting to win $500,000, I went into the game because I wanted to play Survivor, and I felt like I’d done that. “

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The Titans were sent to Tribal Council after losing the immunity challenge, where Kirby’s plan was to turn her back on alliance-member Kelli as she believed she was too emotional and chaotic to trust any longer.

Kirby used her smarts to try and convince both hidden immunity idol holders (Alex and Feras) that they were under threat to be eliminated so that they played their idols, flushing them before merge. But really, the plan was still to vote out Kelli, creating a win-win situation.

Feras was extremely paranoid and doubted himself because of how simple the plan was, while Alex was happy to play his idol just to be safe. In the end, they both read the room during Tribal Council, and believed themselves to be safe enough to keep their idols in their possession.

It was an almost-unanimous vote, with Kelli receiving five votes and Winna receiving just one.

After her elimination, Kelli said: “I played a big game, and I played it with integrity and loyalty right to the end – my loyalty just shifted.”

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A huge twist at Tribal Council saw the Titans’ original plans to eliminate Feras or Aileen shattered.

Jonathan announced that only three peoples’ votes would count, and they had to complete a challenge to seal their immunity and have the power to vote. It was Aileen, Kirby and Feras who were voting, making it a very intriguing tribal council.

Thanks to Winna playing his immunity idol, there was a tie and the three castmates had to revote for either Charles or Raymond.

It was Charles who was ultimately sent packing, leaving Feras and Aileen feeling very chuffed.

After his elimination, Charles spoke with TV Week, saying that he felt confident going into Tribal Council up until Jonathan announced that there would be a twist. 

“When he said that there was gonna be a twist, my heart stopped working, and when he explained the twist and how it was going to work, I knew the chances of both Aileen and Feras winning their votes were quite slim, so I was hopeful that the majority of us would get through. The unlikely thing happened and that was that,” Charles shared with TV Week.

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After winning the past few immunity challenges, the new-look Titans were finally back at Tribal Council, where Aileen wanted to stay OG Rebels strong but Garrick was keen to make a more strategic move and gunned for Kirby.

After hearing her name being thrown around, Kirby went on the defence and plotted to get Feras’ right-hand man Garrick out instead, with the help of the original Titans players.

Tensions were certainly high at Tribal Council, with Kirby, Feras and Garrick clashing heads. Garrick seemed to sense he was going home, and Aileen even pleaded with Feras to play his immunity idol for him.

Garrick’s torch was ultimately snuffed after he received five votes, while Kirby received three and Kelli just the one.

After being eliminated Garrick said: “I tried my hardest to tell them that the votes were going to go on me – it was so easy to see. The blindside really got me because I didn’t think that was going to come, especially from the original Titans. I think that tribe is completely smashed.”

When speaking to our sister site, WHO, Garrick said: “Once you leave to go to Tribal [Council], that’s it. There’s no more discussion. Once we sat at tribal, I looked around and I could just read the tells and the facial expressions and I knew it. I absolutely 100% knew it, but it was all too late.”

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The Rebels once again lost the immunity challenge, and found themselves up for elimination.

Mark was out for revenge after Viola was blindsided and eliminated by his so-called “middle-aged mafia” alliance, and so he tried to orchestrate a blindside against Caroline where he wanted to use the original Rebels players to his advantage.

However, the “middle-aged mafia” seemed to catch onto Mark’s plan, being suspicious that he wasn’t actually going to stick with them. They subsequently changed their plan from splitting the vote between Sarah and Rianna, to putting the majority on Sarah.

Mark’s plan was almost successful, but Sarah was ultimately eliminated after receiving four votes compared to Caroline’s three.

After her torch was snuffed, firefighter Sarah said: “I’m usually the one putting out flames, but tonight my flame got put out.”

Speaking with TV WEEK after her elimination, Sarah said she had no regrets about the game she played. “I feel like I can carry myself much better in my day-to-day now, being able to hold my head high and know that I played the game to the best of my ability and stuck true to who I was,” she said.

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The time finally came for the first tribe swap, and there was a huge shake-up in each tribe causing some alliances and strategies to be broken apart.

The new-look Rebels found themselves at Tribal Council where the six “OG” [original] Titans were vocal about staying strong and sticking together to vote off one of the minority original Rebels castmates.

However, the “middle-aged mafia” alliance decided to try and make a big move to eliminate Viola, using the new tribemates as easy numbers.

Their plan ultimately worked, and Viola’s torch was snuffed in an epic blindside.

After her elimination, Viola said, “They got me good. The senior citizens won this time. If they didn’t do it to me, I would have done it to them, so well-played.”

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After a twist at the last Tribal Council, “hurricane” Kelli was sent to the Titans tribe to act as a saboteur where her mission was to sabotage the Titans’ immunity challenge. Instead, Kelli chose to sit out of the challenge because she liked her new tribe, but luckily for the Rebels, the Titans tribe lost the challenge anyway and were sent to Tribal Council.

Caroline was concerned about the lack of help around camp from the “bigger boys” in the Titans tribe, and subsequently tried to orchestrate a vote against Nathan. However, Mark saw an opportunity to switch things up and rallied multiple tribemates together to try and eliminate Caroline instead.

Mark and his alliance members ultimately ended up not going ahead with the vote against Caroline, and Nathan’s torch was snuffed after he received five votes.

After his elimination, Nathan said, “I’ve had a target on my back from day one. The majority sort of thought maybe to pick off the most dangerous threat going forward in the game.”

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It was the Rebels who were back at Tribal Council again after losing the immunity challenge.

Aileen had a plan of attack, wanting to take more of a front seat rather than quietly observing as she had been previously. Her plan was to have their “misfits” alliance of eight equally vote for both of the “alpha” males in the game: Alex and Tobias, and then during the revote, it would be up to Alex and Tobias’ other alliance member, Sarah, to choose the deciding vote and send one of them home.

Aileen’s plan was almost fool-proof, except one alliance member (Kelli) placed their vote on the wrong person, sending Tobias home instead of going to a revote where they seemed to have wanted Alex to leave.

After his blindside elimination, Tobias said “I definitely did not see that coming. I thought my place in that tribe was rock solid – they definitely got one over me.”

Tobias spoke with TV Week exclusively, and said that he was so blindsided by his elimination that he didn’t even bring all of his belongings with him to tribal council – “I was just in shock. I even left some stuff at camp because I really did not think I was going home,” Tobias said.

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“The cuddle crew” alliance purposely lost the elimination challenge in the hopes of sending either Kelly or Raymond home after their big personalities seemed to rub some of the Rebels tribe members the wrong way.

But Kirby said her strategy in the game was to fly under the radar, and she used that to her advantage to blindside Peta, a member of the “cuddle crew”.

With the help of her fellow rebels, Kirby’s plan was flawlessly successful and Peta’s torch was snuffed after she received five votes compared to the three votes Kelly and Raymond each got.

Peta was certainly shocked by her elimination as she chose not to play her recently-found hidden immunity idol, thinking she was safe (and in control) in the game.

Other “cuddle crew” alliance members Alex, Tobias and Sarah were definitely shocked by the blindside as well, as they seemed to believe they were the ones in the majority.

After she left the camp, Peta said, “I’m a little shocked. I’m not quite sure how to take it.”

“I don’t know if I’ve been perceived as a threat. It looks like the minorities rose up a little bit and took control.”

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Jess seemingly put a target on her own back when she openly and proudly admitted that she was behind the blindside against Frankie.

When she once again made her plans clear to try and vote out Eden in the next tribal council, her ticket out of the Samoan jungle was seemingly all but stamped.

“I don’t know who betrayed me in the end, I thought I had found a friendship group but they turned against me,” Jess said after her torch was snuffed.

She went on to say she thought the reason for her elimination was a form of payback for her blindside against Frankie.

“Being a very open and honest person, and being transparent about my approach put a target on my back. I was just playing to my personality and it turns out that maybe that’s not built for Survivor.”

When speaking with TV WEEK exclusively, Jess said, “I was excited [going into tribal council] – I was confident about the friendships that I had and thought it would go my way. Everything seemed easy and that should have been my first red flag – things are never easy on Survivor.”

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At the very first Tribal Council for 2024, the Titans were up for elimination.

Frankie and Nathan pushed to vote out Jess, but Eden took things into his own hands and decided to make an early move, wanting to blindside Frankie.

Eden’s move ultimately worked, and Frankie received seven votes compared to Jess’ four.

“Honestly I didn’t know what happened. I got a bit blindsided there. I would be lying if I didn’t say I was disappointed,” Frankie said after she was eliminated.

“I always knew going in that I would appear as a big personality, a big threat, I guess at the end of the day I may have played some people the wrong way.”

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