Who is the guest star appearing on Home and Away, Courtney Clarke?

You've most likely seen her before.
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Her journey to stardom began in the popular children’s program Hi-5, but now Courtney Clarke is making her way through Australian television programs like the iconic soap Home and Away.

Courtney was revealed to be joining the series as guest character Valerie in early 2024. While Seven has remained incredibly tight-lipped about the character’s role, we can confirm Valerie was in a mental health clinic alongside Leah (Ada Nicodemou).

Courtney plays Valerie in H&A.

(Image: Instagram)

“Ada was great, she was cracking jokes between every take and I remember thinking that she seemed so relaxed,” she told Digital Spy.

“It wasn’t until we got in the car to travel back from a shoot that I realised she was doing it all to make me feel comfortable. She’s incredibly intelligent, some of the things we were talking about I was thinking, ‘How does this little, full-of-energy woman know all this super-smart nerdy stuff?'”

With Ada, Courtney has also worked closely with James Stewart and Matt Evans.

“Valerie dresses in a very strong way and certainly isn’t of the Summer Bay mentality,” told TV WEEK of her new role. “I was quite intrigued by her and thought she would be a great challenge to play.”

Courtney has most recently played Jade in Paper Dolls.

(Image: Facebook)

Prior to her gig in the iconic Australian soap, she would post videos of herself singing to Facebook which transpired to her Hi-5 gig sometime in 2016. But in late 2018, she bid farewell to this chapter of her life.

“I have no words for the way this journey has absolutely changed my life, the people who I’ve met along the way have shown me a whole new meaning of the word L.O.V.E 💕,” she wrote on Facebook.

She then worked on Christmas Neeve before starring on the hit crime series – which was recently renewed for a second season – the Last King of The Cross with former Home and Away sweetheart Lincoln Younes as John Ibrahim.

“Thankyou Neeve, for the lessons I learnt of my self through embodying you,” Courtney said of her character. “The biggest of thankyous to @bonniecee for the collaboration, supportive space holding, limitless creative exploration & just outright 21st century female bad-ass-ness. Xxx”

She was rumoured to be dating Lincoln Younes.

(Image: Instagram)

Is has been rumoured that Courtney was dating her Last King of The Cross co-star Lincoln after they were pictured holding hands in April 2023. However, neither parties have confirmed or denied their relationship status.

However, you may have seen Courtney’s face before. She most recently starred in the Paramount+ drama series, Paper Dolls as Jade Hart.

“I cannot even begin to say how much love was in the making of this show,” she began on Instagram. “To my girls, you’ve inspired me everyday, made my inner child safe, and I have found the most special sister in each of you.”

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