Home and Away spoilers: Leah welcomes a friend to Summer Bay

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When no-one can understand what you’re going through, who do you turn too? For Leah, it’s a new friend from the mental health clinic, who arrives in town this week with needed advice – and a secret.

In Home And Away, Leah (Ada Nicodemou) has struggled to get her life back on track since returning home from her time in rehabilitation.

Leah has been struggling since returning home.

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Instead of living with her fiancée Justin (James Stewart), she’s staying with Marilyn (Emily Symons) and Alf (Ray Meagher), as she fears living with Justin would trigger a psychotic episode of the type that recently saw her pull a knife on him. But the separation could derail her relationship further.

“Leah is concerned, because she doesn’t know how she even got to that breaking point, so it’s a case of small steps,” Ada, 46, tells TV WEEK.

While Justin tries to be patient with his partner, he feels she’s slipping away and takes every opportunity to have a “chance” encounter. At the same time, Leah’s nephew Theo (Matt Evans), caught in the middle, inadvertently becomes a confidante to both of them.

Courtney Clarke is appearing as a guest character on Home and Away.

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As a struggling Leah takes a walk to clear her head, her new friend Valerie (Courtney Clarke) – who she’d become close to while in the clinic together – arrives in the Bay.

Valerie is on a mission to help, having heard of Leah’s turmoil and knowing she needs someone who understands her fragile state of mind.

“She was Leah’s roommate and best friend in the clinic, so she really relies on her for support in a way others can’t,” Ada explains.

Valerie convinces Leah to take a chance and invite Justin out for dinner. The invitation gives Justin great hope and, that evening, he waits eagerly at the Diner. But will Leah show up?

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Courtney, who recently appeared in Paper Dolls and Last King of The Cross, says newcomer Valerie will bring a new energy to the Bay.

“Valerie dresses in a very strong way and certainly isn’t of the Summer Bay mentality,” she hints. “I was quite intrigued by her and thought she would be a great challenge to play.”

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