Home and Away: What’s next for Dean and Ziggy?

Dean and Ziggy pack their bags for a new life in Queensland.
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Yes, it’s true – Summer Bay’s golden couple are saying goodbye. In an emotional week of Home and Away, Dean and Ziggy break the news to family and friends after deliberating over the idea at home.

The couple, settling into life as parents with baby daughter Izzy, are caught off guard when Dean’s (Patrick O’Connor) former girlfriend Amber (Maddy Jevic) calls to congratulate them – and tell them she’s moving to Queensland with Jai (River Jarvis).

Dean can’t stand the thought of being so far from his young son. How can he keep his family together?

”See you, everybody – come and visit!”

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Without hesitating, Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) suggests they move there too. They can be a family anywhere! Dean is thrilled and pulls her in for a hug.

All his life the River Boy has craved stability and now he finally has it.

”Dean’s had so much heartbreak during his time on the show, so to leave him in a space of contentment is satisfying,” Patrick, 30, says.

”For a lot of his life, he’s been hanging on.”

Word spreads around town and soon friends come to say their goodbyes.

With boards on board and after saying goodbye to Mali, Irene, Justin, Mac and Gabe, Dean and Ziggy are ready to hit the road.

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But Dean sheepishly leaves his sister Mackenzie (Emily Weir) to last. She’s been struggling to accept that Gabe’s (Akos Armont) cancer has returned.

Ziggy takes matters into her own hands and breaks the news of their departure. Mac is heartbroken to hear they’re leaving but understands the reasons why.

With Mac’s blessing, Dean and Ziggy prepare to leave.

From their first meeting in Summer Bay to their last meal watching the sunset, the couple reflect on the memories they’ve shared and what’s ahead for them with baby Izzy.

”Dean and Ziggy are looking towards a new and exciting future,” Sophie, 30, says.

”We were stoked to be able to create a family and have a happy ending – it doesn’t always happen for a lot of people in Home and Away”.

Mali’s parting gift to Dean: a framed newspaper page of his and Ziggy’s surfing triumphs.

(IMAGE: Channel Seven)

The following morning, Justin (James Stewart), Irene (Lynne McGranger), Mali (Kyle Schilling), Mac and Gabe gather on the beach in an emotional send-off. Dean hands over the board shop to Mali, who promises to do him proud.

”The final scene is in the car, and we drive off into the sunset – it felt like a really nice way to say goodbye to them,” Patrick says.

”The last day was so emotional. We finished filming around 4pm and it was normal – until my last scene, where Dean was handing the board shop to Mali. I had to turn away from the camera because I was quite upset.”

Sophie and Patrick are excited about what lies ahead.

(IMAGE: TV Week)

Sophie and Patrick acknowledge the support they’ve received over the years – from both colleagues and the fans.

While it was ”incredibly hard” to say goodbye, they do so with a lot of love in their hearts.

”We were given characters so relatable and complex,” Sophie says.

”I admire Ziggy and I’m so honoured to have played her. Thank you to everyone who supports the show and has watched our journey.

It’s been amazing to be part of” Patrick adds: “This show is a powerhouse, and the fans are so crucial to it. To be part of it and have people encourage us has been incredible. Thank you.”

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