Meet the men tipped to be the top 3 on The Bachelorette Australia

Your office sweep just got a whole lot easier!

By Bella Brennan
No more sleeps!
The Bachelorette Australia premiere is tonight and to say we’re more excited than if Bardot got the band back together is an understatement.
While the nation braces to meet the 18 lucky men vying for their chance of the Big L, Sophie Monk admits she’s already found "the perfect man for me."
"I reckon before the show, [I’d been in love with] no-one," the singer recently told OK! Magazine.
For the next few months, Soph has to keep their romance under wraps and has already saved her Bachelor babe in her phone under the hilarious code name as "Uncle Dave."
In fact, the 37-year-old is already taking Bachie babies with her mystery man.
"I told him I want a baby and to get married. He's on the same page. I told him within five minutes of meeting him. Things got deep very quickly," the reality star confessed on the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning.
Just last week, she told NW kids will be happening very soon. "I'm fully in love and I'd love to have my own [kids]... I think in a year maybe."
Who will Sophie choose as her life partner?
So, just who is the man tipped to win Sophie’s heart?
According to Sportsbet they’ve got Luke ($3.00), James ($6.00) and Jefferson ($7.50) tipped to be top contenders.
"There are 18 men lining up for Monk’s heart before she filters through the duds and gets to the dreamboat. Luke, James and Jefferson tick all the boxes – so we’ll be watching closely to see if they tick hers too,"’s Will Byrne explained.
Their full predictions below, post continues!

Who will win The Bachelorette Australia?

Sportsbet have business consultant Luke, 33, tipped to win!
Is financial advisor James, 31, the Matty J of this season?
Will it be the not-so-coveted second runner-up spot for events manager Jefferson, 30?
Meanwhile the other burning questions on everyone’s lips is just how many handsome men she’ll lock lips with.
Sophie says sex is absolutely off the table.
"Oh, that is so gross – I could not do that on TV. And in America, it’s so full-on. Like, 'Change the sheets,'" she told NW.
WATCH: The evolution of Sophie Monk. Post continues!
"It’s a bit dirty for TV. But what I loved about [The Bachelorette Australia 2017] is that you’re not doing it," she remarked.
"You have to form a friendship, whereas in normal life you might do it earlier and that could change everything – especially for women! I think men are different but, for me, after sex, I fall straight away. So yeah, being patient – it’s just the best."
According to Sportsbet, Sophie will lock lips with around seven-eight blokes.
"We’re not expecting Sophie to shy away from an onscreen kiss or two, in fact, we’re expecting see at least seven this season,"’s Will Byrne revealed.
Good luck and God speed, Soph!
The Bachelorette Australia premieres on Channel 10 at 7:30pm tonight

How many men will Sophie Monk kiss on The How many men will Sophie Monk kiss on The Bachelorette Australia?