EXCLUSIVE: “I’ll be pregnant in a year!" Sophie Monk shares her baby plans

Squeeeel! The Bachelorette has found love, and they’re having a baby.

By NW team
Australia’s most loveable bogan Sophie Monk hasn’t had much luck in the dating world – two failed engagements is enough to kill anyone’s hopes – but now at 37, the tides have turned thanks to her mum who gave her a little nudge into The Bachelorette Australia mansion.
“I thought it was a bad idea at first,” Sophie told NW exclusively of her signing on as The Bachelorette.
“But because I have a high profile, I knew I couldn’t date normally or go to bars, so I was missing out on meeting people!”
Well, it worked, and now Sophie is off the market.
In an exclusive photo shoot the radio personality dresses up as the ultimate single girl Carrie Bradshaw and spills to NW that she has finally found The One, and a baby is on the way!

Girl, when you entered the mansion for the first time, did you have any idea that you would fall hopelessly in love?
Yeah, I was thinking maybe it would develop after, but it happened in the mansion!.
So you’ve met The One?
Yep! I’m fully in love! I’ve got to say, at the beginning, I was so nervous about this, but it was fun and also hard work because you’re hurting people and it’s real emotions and it’s actually real.
Have you talked about having mini Sophies?
I’d love to have my own... I think in a year or a year and a half maybe.
We’ll start with one and see how it goes!
Well if babies are already on the mind, does that mean we can expect an engagement too – at the finale perhaps?
No, because I’ve done that [made a fast commitment] before, and it burns out too quickly because it’s the hype of everything, too.
You need everything to settle.
You know the fellas always propose on the US version, right?
Yeah, ’cos they’ve had sex! That’s why.
Would you ever think about flipping the script and proposing to him?
God, no! And if I did it outside of the show, in real life, I’d just put the idea in his head.
I’m not being one of those women. It’s kind of emasculating for the man.
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