Jane Hall, Kate Box and Zoe Terakes join Wentworth ahead of final seasons

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By Tina Burke
Production for Wentworth's highly anticipated eighth season kicked off on Friday, with all your favourite inmates returning to the prison yard after the death of two much-loved characters last season.
When the series returns in 2020, the cast will be joined by new additions Kate Box (Upright, Les Norton, Rake), Jane Hall (Neighbours, House Husband) and Zoe Terakes (Janet King, The End).
Foxtel has confirmed that the actors will be taking on three iconic roles from the original Prisoner series.
In the wake of Marie Winter (Susie Porter) and Sean Brody's (Rick Donald) bloody siege, a new leader will be at the helm of the prison.
New characters will make waves, with Kate starring as Lou Kelly, a former top dog of Wentworth with a reputation for impulsive brutality.
Zoe stars as Rebel 'Reb' Keane, a man trapped inside a woman's skin.
Jane will star as the new General Manager Ann Reynolds, who charms her colleagues but treats her prisoners with hard line prejudice.
Jane Hall, Kate Box and Zoe Terakes join the cast of Wentworth! Image: Foxtel
The cast update follows on from the announcement that Wentworth will end after its ninth season.
"Beyond thrilled to be locked up with these two and the rest of the incredible cast of Wentworth," Jane says of the new gig.
"This one is a dream come true," writes Zoe on Instagram.
"Playing a genderqueer role AND playing Kate Box's boyfriend AND working with all the other disgustingly talented people on this show. I have to keep pinching myself."
The actors will star alongside the beloved prisoners, with the returning cast list including Pamela Rabe (Joan 'The Freak' Ferguson), Kate Atkinson (Vera Bennett), Leah Purcell (Rita Connors), Susie Porter (Marie Winter), Kate Jenkinson (Allie Novak), Rarriwuy Hick (Ruby Mitchell), Katrina Milosevic (Sue 'Boomer' Jenkins), Robbie Magasiva (Will Jackson), Bernard Curry (Jake Stewart) and support cast Jacquie Brennan (Linda Miles) and David de Loutour (Dr. Greg Miller).
Rarriwuy Hick, Robbie Magasiva, Kate Jenkinson, Kate Atkinson and Katrina Milosevic are back in season eight. Image: TV WEEK
Foxtel Executive Director of Television, Brian Walsh, says the introduction of these iconic characters is a reflection of the show's worldwide reach.
"Since its debut in 2013 Wentworth boasts a large and loyal worldwide following and continually attracts some of the country's finest actors and production creatives, we are thrilled to welcome Kate, Jane and Zoe on board," he says.
"Wentworth has been the shining star of Foxtel's extensive slate of Australian dramas and we are very proud to call "action" on the new season. We are indebted to the remarkable creative talent involved and to showcase the outstanding line-up of actors who bring to life this compelling series."
Bring on the eighth season! Take a look back at the season seven finale to see where we left off…

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