Sophie Monk’s heartache: The truth about her Bachelorette boys

Woman's Day unveils what Sophie's boys are really up to.

The Bachelorette Australia 2017 has officially kicked off.
And Sophie Monk already has 18 Bachelor boys tripping over themselves for her.
But like all reality TV contestants - there will always be some thorns among the roses.
Woman's Day lifts the lid on front-runners Apollo Jackson and Luke McLeod along with The Bachelorette Australia 2017's newly crowned villain, Blake Coleman.
After these shocking revelations she might want to rethink her options...

Blake Coleman: His ex warns's Sophie that he'll break her heart

Blake, 29, entrepreneur, WA.
After gloating about his "good genes" and love for attractive women, it’s little wonder Blake Coleman 
has become one of this year’s villains.
And according to 
his ex-girlfriend of two years, Brooke Wooster, he well and truly deserves his bad boy title after leaving her heartbroken 
in May last year.
"We’d been on and off, but the day before Blake left to go on a boys’ trip to Europe, he gave me the impression we were going to try to work things out," Brooke tells us exclusively.
"But then I found out he had moved on with another woman – by seeing pictures of them together on social media."
Pictured below, Blake and Brooke in happier times!

Blake’s hurtful behaviour was by no means subtle, either.
In one Instagram post, the hunk – who told us he ended it with Brooke because they were going in "different directions" – stripped off for a nude photo at the Grand Canyon.
Blake poses with Eva in the below Instagram post

The matching Grand Canyon posts that broke Brooke

His brunette friend Eva then did the same thing.
Calling the 29-year-old Perth native her boyfriend on a snap at a music festival.
"#FestivalBoyfrien left out the d so you can give it to me later," 
she wrote.
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Luke McLeod: He's actually into Matty J's girlfriend Laura Byrne

Luke, 33, business culture consultant, NSW.
With rumours swirling that Matty J and The Bachelor Australia 2017 winner Laura Byrne’s relationship is already on the rocks, it wouldn’t be surprising if some of Sophie’s suitors are already looking to the jewellery designer as a plan B should they not be handed the final rose...
And all signs point to front runner Luke McLeod
Laura, 30, and business culture consultant Luke, 33, follow each other on Twitter and have similar interests – including a love for the outdoors, yoga and travel.
Now their social media friendship and similarities have fans wondering if perhaps Luke has already moved 
on from Sophie in a bid to steal Laura’s heart!
“My type is somebody tall, with kind eyes 
and a nice smile,” Luke admitted.
Well, Laura certainly qualifies.
Laura won Matty over with her smile.

Apollo Jackson: stress or steroids?

Apollo, 24, magician, QLD.
Apollo Jackson may be weaving his magic on Sophie Monk, but she’s not keen on bulked-up, gym-going 
muscle men.
Two years ago, Apollo’s life was turned upside down when he suffered a heart attack at the age of 22.
The magician said it was triggered 
by stress and being overweight – 
but insiders claim the former bodybuilder’s health scare may have been the result of using steroids in his mission to bulk up.
"Those in bodybuilding circles will deny they use steroids until the cows come home, but from his jaw line, shoulder and neck you can clearly see the high level of testosterone in his body," 
says a source.

Personal trainer Craig Lawson adds, "The impact of steroids can leave a huge 
strain on the heart."
While there’s no evidence Apollo has dabbled with illegal supplements, his love for maintaining his physique 
could be a turn-off for Sophie.
Asked what she’s looking for 
in a partner, the straight-talking blonde revealed, "Not someone with a six-pack. I don’t care 
about protein bars and going 
to the gym. It’s so boring!"
To make matters worse, Apollo has a wandering eye, too.
He and Australian Survivor contestant Felicity Egginton shared a flirty Facebook exchange earlier this month when she suggested he apply for the next series of The Bachelor, Apollo "liked" her post.
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