The Bachelorette Australia: Is this a sign Jarrod doesn’t win?

One of Sophie Monk’s habit is a big deal breaker for him.

By Kietley Isrin
He may be tipped to win over The Bachelorette Sophie Monk’s heart. But TV WEEK can now reveal the vineyard manager from Victoria was left less than impressed by Sophie’s smoking habits. In fact, the 31-year-old went as far as to say it’s a deal breaker.
“I hate cigarettes,” Jarrod says, implying the former Bardot band member doesn’t tick all of his boxes.
“My ideal partner needs to be fit and healthy.”
Jarrod's dealbreaker is smoking.
As to whether or not he thinks Sophie is on the show to boost her profile, Jarrod admits he did question her intentions at the start.
“That’s (fame is) her world and mine is the vineyard,” Jarrod says, adding he almost pulled the pin when he found out Sophie was The Bachelorette.
“I was unsure. I’m not in it for fame, nor do I need it. I just want to find someone I can settle down and build a life with.”
Turns out, Sophie’s smoking habit isn’t the only thing Jarrod isn’t a fan of.
“I’m a former army boy and live a quiet life,” he says.
“I work Monday to Saturday and I get one day off a week. I’ve never worked in front or around cameras before and I’m not used to it.”
So, is it over before it even began for Sophie and Jarrod?
“That’s a very good question,” Jarrod says.
“Sophie and I definitely had a spark in the first introduction and it’s amazing to find out we’re so similar from school years to adult life. But it is hard to dig deep and pull out all of your feelings. It is a massive stepping stone for myself.”

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