"I know who betrayed me!" The real reason Sophie Monk had to flee Australia

The Bachelorette beauty goes into hiding as she learns the truth about her "Mr Rights."

She had happily confessed to finding love on the show, but last week The Bachelorette Australia star Sophie Monk fled to Mexico amid worrying rumours about her leading men – and a secret pregnancy.
Sophie, 37, insisted it was only to avoid spoiling the finale, but sources say she tearfully left after learning some truths about some of the men, including the fact that one of them might still be married!
Topping her concerns is intruder Stu Laundy, 44, who is thought to still be hitched to wife Rachel, though the pair have been separated for some time.
The father-of-four is hardly the down-to-earth single Aussie bloke Sophie says she wants.
According to sources, the playboy pub baron loves partying with celebrity pals, has dated 300-plus women and is reportedly set to inherit $500 million.
He was on SBS reality show Filthy Rich & Homeless earlier this year, when he hinted to Woman’s Day he hoped to build a profile.
After learning about Stu and Luke's secrets, Sophie has fled the country.
“After my Filthy Rich & Homeless exposure a few people were trying to make that happen,” he said, before admitting he’d met Sophie when she was drunk in a bar.
“He’s well known for his love of a party and women,” adds a source.
WATCH: Stu on Filthy Rich & Homeless, post continues below!
Is new guy Stu still married?
Luke McLeod, 33, may not be Sophie’s real-life Prince Charming either.
It’s rumoured he’s actually a paid actor – earlier this year he appeared in an Aeroplane Jelly advert on Nickelodeon.
Ten claimed he did it “as a favour to a friend” and “has never acted before”, while Luke denied being an actor on Twitter. But another insider told us he was paid to do the show!
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Is Luke just putting on an act?

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