Bon voyage! Why Sophie Monk is fleeing the country

The Bardot babe has learnt her lesson from her predecessor, Matty J.

By Bella Brennan
Our 2017 Bachelorette Sophie Monk is one smart cookie, who clearly has the nation’s best interest at heart.
After the intense scrutiny Matty J and Laura Byrne faced by the paps, who eventually sprung them on a secret weekend away just weeks before the ending, Sophie is doing everything she can to ensure the winner of her heart remains under lock and key until the grand finale.
Instead of taking refuge in her boring old house, the 37-year-old is exiling herself in paradise, literally.
According to The Daily Telegraph, the singer is jetting to Mexico for the remainder of the season so no proverbial cats can be let out of the bag.
The reality star recently admitted on Nova’s 100’s with Chrissie, Sam and Browny getting out of the country was her safest bet for not spoiling the ending.
Watch out Mexico, here she comes!
"I break all the rules. I can't do rules," she told them.
"I will definitely try to see him and mess it all up for everyone. So I have to remove myself. I know I've got no willpower, and so that I don't weaken, I'm going overseas," she confessed.
Just a few weeks into the show, and she's already facing intense pressure to accidentally spill top secret intel
Last week, Sophie buckled when she was quizzed by her good friend Jackie O over who the winner was.
The 37-year-old is reportedly heading to Mexico until the show's finale.
After Jackie questioned if Luke was her number one, Sophie went bright red and giggled: "I'm trying to be like, so poker-face which I can't do! Where do I look? I'm just cross-eyed now. My body language is awful! You know me too well, Jackie."
But sources close to the show reckon intruder Stu Laundy is the top dog.
According to a recent report in the Sun Herald Stu, whose family run a string of extremely successful pubs, has completely bowled over Sophie.
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Could intruder Stu be the winner?
"If they do get together they will be really good. They're both really good, funny people," an insider told the publication.
This season of The Bachelorette is the highest-rating series from the whole local franchise, so with that alone riding on Sophie and her mystery man’s shoulders, Mexico looks like a brilliant idea.
We can’t wait to see Sophie’s glowing, tropical tan in her announcement video!