"She’s an amazing woman!” Luke McLeod finally addresses his romance with Laura Byrne

What’s a season of The Bachelorette without a little cross-pollination?

By Bella Brennan
It’s a small world and even tinier (and more incestuous) when you mix in The Bachelor Australia circles.
And now, The Bachelorette Australia front-runner Luke McLeod has confirmed Woman’s Day’s report that he did indeed used to date Matty J’s new girlfriend, Laura Byrne.
The Sydney local says he enjoyed a brief romance with the jewellery designer shortly after he ended a 10-year relationship.
"We did date for a couple of months, I swear to God it was a complete coincidence," the 33-year-old explained to Sydney Confidential.
"She’s an amazing woman, we met through mutual friends, we dated for a couple of months and realised we were better off being really good friends and that’s where things are at now."
Sorry Matty, Laura and Luke do look good together!
Despite their romance being short-lived, the business culture consultant says they’re still on good terms.
"She’s been so supportive of my journey and what I’m going through and she’s gone through something so similar," Luke shared.
When Luke saw his ex’s face pop up on the telly, he says he "couldn’t believe it."
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"I thought ‘what is going on here’. There was no hesitation in reaching out [to Laura] and I said ‘wow, I wish you all the best’ and it obviously did work out amazing for her, she met an incredible guy."
"She’s given me some advice and been incredibly supportive of me finding the same type of person."
As for Luke’s thoughts on Australia backing him as the winner, he says "it’s a big compliment."
"It is very flattering and I’m really thankful for everyone getting behind me so far because I was really nervous about this whole thing."