Sam makes Bachelorette history by scoring the first ever double-delight rose

And to think, he almost pulled out of the competition!
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We’re used to The Bachelorette host Osher Günsberg making unexpected announcements and tonight he didn’t disappoint.

Tonight, Osher revealed the first ever double-delight rose which entitles one lucky lad to not one, but two single dates with Sophie Monk.

And, it was 31-year-old Sam who managed to score the prize after impressing Sophie by taking the plunge and jumping into the pool during the cocktail party.

“I came, I saw, I grabbed the rose,” Sam tells TV WEEK.

“It was really cool. My fear going in was not getting a rose but that didn’t happen thank goodness.”

The double-delight rose means Sam is now guaranteed time with Sophie – and the voiceover artist from NSW couldn’t be happier.

“There was a definite spark between us,” Sam says of their first encounter.

“I had my nephews walk up to her first and I could hear that she was talking to them. I could hear her laughing through the limo door. But equally, I could hear her making them laugh so from that moment I was at ease. The second I saw Sophie there was vulnerability there. It was real for her and that certainly wasn’t lost on me.”

Sophie was surprised to meet Sam’s nephews.

Describing his dream date, it’s clear Sam is a romantic at heart.

“We meet somewhere relaxed with lovely music and order a drink. There would be an energy and something special about what’s going on. We are the last ones to leave wherever we choose to go last and we kiss,” he says.

Sam admits that he’s always had a crush on the bubbly blonde.

While Sam may not have applied to go on The Bachelorette show, he is now grateful that he did.

“I was approached,” he reveals.

“I was initially hesitant. I think I didn’t actually show up to the casting but then had a reconnect with the guy and had a slight conversation. I came on quite late in the piece. I almost wasn’t there but I’ve been single for a while and this was a good opportunity to see where I am at.”

Sam admits he’s always had a massive crush on Sophie too, so that made his decision easier.

“I’ve always admired her from afar,” he says.

“I’ve always loved that she has remained who she is. I’ve admired the way she has carried herself and I thought it would be a fascinating and exciting process.”

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