Will a celeb Bachelorette work?

Two TV WEEK staffers debate.

By TV Week team
Sophie Monk is the first celebrity to ever be The Bachelorette and her turn holding the roses airs Wednesday. So, will Australia love this version of the reality dating show, or would we prefer a fresh face instead? We put the question to two TV WEEK staffers – here’s what they said.


Amber Giles, associate editor
I’m worried the show has become too much about being or becoming famous instead of showing a relationship develop. It’s gone from awkward Anna Heinrich with lipstick on her teeth to contestants just there to be famous. Now the Bachelorette herself already has a profile, how genuine will these guys be? I love Sophie, but I’m not sure this is where true love awaits her.
If any one of them walk into that mansion and they say that they don’t know who Sophie Monk is, then I will hand them a copy of my favourite Bardot song “I Need Somebody” and tell them to get their act together. But I don’t think that will happen. I would put my house on it they all know who she is. And that is my concern.
They see fame and not forever. I really do hope I am proven wrong and she does fall in love with the normal and down-to-earth Aussie bloke she has been longing to find. But I feel like I have had my heart broken too many times by this franchise. I’m still not over Nikki not being with Richie.


Alex McCarthy, junior writer
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! This is the best scenario for The Bachelorette and Sophie Monk is the perfect candidate. We all know and love Sophie, and we’ve been there through all of her struggles with romance. What better person to watch fall in love with her dream man? This season we can happily skip the “getting to know you” portion and be invested from the very first episode. It’s a win-win situation.
Plus, once Sophie has found her perfect match and the couple finally go public, she will be an open book. Sophie’s years of being in the public eye have prepared her for this journey and Australia will be waiting with open arms when she introduces her new man to us. I personally can’t wait to see how Sophie is on the other side of this exciting ride!
Will we fall in love with a celeb Bachelorette?

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