Australian Ninja-Warrior co-host Rebecca Maddern on life after baby

'I didn’t have a bikini body to start with'

Three months ago, Rebecca Maddern's life changed instantly. The reporter and co-host of Australian Ninja Warrior and The AFL Footy Show gave birth to her first baby, Ruby Mae – and fell madly in love.
But, unlike other celebrity mums who share photos of their bodies post-baby, Rebecca has no plans to keep up with the likes of the Kardashians. There'll be no bikini shoots declaring "How I got my pre-baby body back".
"I didn't have a bikini body to start with," Rebecca, 40, laughs. "So I'm not going to race to get my bikini body back, because I don't think a miracle is going to happen.
"I'm not fussed with any of that. I've just given birth to a beautiful newborn and that's my priority at the moment. You just need to live a fit and healthy lifestyle so you can feed well."

Rebecca admits things didn't go to plan when she gave birth in April.
"I ended up having a caesarean for medical reasons," she tells TV WEEK.
"I got pre-eclampsia, so it was decided within six hours she would be coming out that day. It wasn't an emergency, but it was rushed."
Because she had a C-section, Rebecca was limited in terms of what she could do after giving birth.
"I've been taking it really easy," she adds. "I've just been having a few strolls up and down the street with my pram."

There's no doubt Rebecca has taken to motherhood like a duck to water. While other new parents might struggle with getting up during the night, the former Sunrise reporter doesn't have a problem.
"Breakfast TV and having a newborn is pretty much on par, so I knew what I was in for," she says.
"Usually when I get up to feed is when I used to get up for work. So being able to feed and then go back to bed is a joy.
"But she's just so precious. When she wakes up in the middle of the night and she's looking at you and wants a feed… I don't mind at all."
Rebecca says she's lucky her husband, Trent Miller, has been able to take time off from his work as a cameraman.
"He baths her every night and he's fully doing nappies. He's even ventured into the kitchen and is preparing a few meals, which he's never done before. He's been incredible."

As for Ruby, well, she's already been on the set of Australian Ninja Warrior. Rebecca was halfway through her pregnancy when she shot the hit show's second season.
"I had bad morning sickness for about four or five weeks," Rebecca admits. "But by 20 weeks, I was feeling pretty good. I was really lucky in terms of timing – and I didn't look too pregnant, so that was a relief."
Rebecca calls the competitors in season one "phenomenal", but declares the ones in season two of the show are even more impressive.
"We've uncovered some amazing talent from all across Australia, who saw the show and said, 'You know what? I can give that a real crack'," she says.
"They're inspiring people and it's really something to behold."
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