Is Seal quitting The Voice Australia?

He infamously took a three season hiatus but has the British coach finally had enough of the spinning chairs?

The finale's officially over...
Now The Voice coaches are thinking about next season but according to Woman's Day insiders, one of our trusted favourites won't return...
Don't worry guys, Delta Goodrem is safe!
Our insiders tell us that Seal has decided he won’t be back.
Delta was the only person who was safe from Seal's wrath.
It may be just as well, as TV insiders claim he can be difficult to deal with.
“He spent the whole season lording his previous wins over everyone, saying, ‘I’m a superstar and I want things done my way,’ ” a source tells us.
And his frosty relationship with coaches Kelly Rowland and Boy George didn’t help.
“Everyone loved working with Kelly and Boy George,” the source says, adding Seal, 54, often felt like the odd one out.

And who can forget his very recent debacle of shading singer Lorde?
The father-of-four called the New Zealand singer’s single Green Light a “bad song."
"I think you made the most of a not particularly good song,” Seal told contestant Sarah Stone when she sang her rendition of the hit.
“I’m not a big fan. I couldn’t sing that song because it wouldn’t inspire me.”
Before referring to himself in third person, saying, “Seal doesn’t sing bad songs.”
Don't be offended Lorde, he's not too keen on Australia either.
He recently admitted to TV WEEK it will never be home, saying, “It’s too far away for me to feel like it’s home.”

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