The Voice host Sonia Kruger knew Seal and Boy George would clash!

Sonia weighs in on Seal and Boy George’s onscreen rivalry.

By Kietley Isrin
Tension has been simmering between The Voice coaches Seal and Boy George throughout the blind auditions. But there’s one person in particular who isn’t at all surprised by the duo’s onscreen rivalry.
“There are always going to be artistic differences of opinion,” host Sonia Kruger tells TV WEEK of the pair’s constant bickering, adding the pair are complete opposites.

“George is really funny and naughty and he worries me and excites me at the same time and Seal is such an interesting cat. He’s so polite slash flirtatious.”
With the live shows just around the corner, Sonia, 51, admits fans might get more than they bargained for if the two coaches continue to be at each other’s throats.
“It will be interesting to see if that, well, if that flares up a bit you know? Sometimes in a live environment, even though they’re all seasoned professionals it can get quiet, well, there’s still a lot of tension and there’s a lot at stake for the people on the stage and the coaches all feel that too.”

Meanwhile, when it comes to former Destiny’s Child band member Kelly Rowland, Sonia has only nice things to say.
“She is just the loveliest person that I think I’ve met. Just really sweet and really warn and really smart. Super smart,” the Today Extra presenter says, adding she’s yet to take daughter Maggie to set.
“I haven’t brought her on set because it’s so busy,” Sonia explains.
“It would be lovely and I’d love to pop her in one of those big red chairs and get a photo of her with Uncle Seal and Aunty Kelly,” she laughs.

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