Home and Away: Both Robbo and Tori’s lives are on the line just as their baby is born

A shock collapse could mean the new mum’s life is in danger

By Maddison Hockey
First-time mum Tori goes into labour in Home And Away this week, but Robbo is nowhere to be found. Instead, he's caught in a tense stand-off at gun point with Ouroboros gang leader Victor. Will he survive to hold his baby for the first time?
After getting the upper hand on his captor Dylan (Jeremy Lindsay Taylor) last week, Robbo (Jake Ryan) now turns the tables, taking him prisoner and plotting to use him as leverage against Victor.
Knowing the threat against his life is still real, Robbo decides to strike a deal with the gang. He lets them know he finally has what they've been looking for – Dylan. Hearing this, Victor (Patrick Thompson) and his head henchman Des (Matt Zeremes) agree to meet.
Robbo's life is in danger, while Tori is going in to labour.
Unimpressed, Victor arrives and quickly delivers an ultimatum: hand over Dylan or Jasmine (Sam Frost) will be harmed. He's caught off guard, however, when Robbo replies with a question: is Victor the man who killed his family? Victor becomes nervous as he realises Dylan – who Robbo believed responsible for murdering his family – has revealed the truth.
Robbo draws his weapon, as do Victor's thugs. But before anyone can fire, the police storm in. Victor flees, and Robbo follows until the two men find themselves in a stand-off on a remote clifftop.
Meanwhile, at the safe house, Tori (Penny McNamee) has gone into labour. Both Tori and Jasmine begin to panic – where's Robbo?
Scott (Trent Baines) assures the women he's left a message telling him of the news, but Jasmine isn't convinced. Something isn't right.
There's little time to worry. As the doctor arrives to examine Tori, he announces her labour has escalated.
Tori's labour is stressful.
Tori tries to hold off in the hope Robbo will arrive. But the doctor declares the baby's almost here and it's time to push!
Mustering all her strength, Tori gives birth to a beautiful baby girl.
The new mum is overjoyed as she cradles the newborn, but her happiness is cut short when she suddenly becomes dizzy and collapses. Will Tori be OK?
Tori cradles her newborn baby.
Will Tori be okay?
Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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