Inside Colby and Dean’s daring rescue mission on Home and Away

The boys storm the hospital to save their loved ones – but will they be heroes or martyrs?

By TV Week team
The horror unfolding at the Northern Districts Hospital siege in Home And Away's finale for 2019 had us on the edge of our seats.
And the terrifying drama is set to continue when we pick up in Summer Bay with the show's dramatic return.
Fans will recall threatening members of the deadly Ouroboros gang stormed the hospital and took everyone inside hostage, including favourites Jasmine (Sam Frost), Alex (Zoë Ventoura), Marilyn (Emily Symons), Mason (Orpheus Pledger), Mackenzie (Emily Weir) and Bella (Courtney Miller).
While Bella clung to life after an accidental drug overdose, Mason stood up to the gunmen in an attempt to get her the medical help she so desperately needed. The heroic act cost Mason his life, shot dead by one of the thugs.
"There was so much momentum leading up to his death," Orpheus, 26, tells TV WEEK.
Alex and Jasmine fight to save Bella. (Image: Channel Seven)
When the drama picks up this year, the siege at the hospital is spiralling out of control. Terrified after watched Mason die in front of them, the hostages fear what could happen next.
As the thugs drag Mason away, Alex becomes even more determined to prevent the loss of another life. The doctor convinces the gunmen to allow her to collect medical supplies to tend to Bella.
Meanwhile, Dean (Patrick O'Connor) and Colby (Tim Franklin) have managed to sneak into the hospital, determined to save their loved ones themselves.
"The River Boys get together and storm the building," Tim, 29, explains.
"Dean doesn't really think things through," Patrick, 27, adds. "It's after they hear the shot [that killed Mason] go off that he decides he can't wait; he's going to do something."
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Colby takes on the thugs and dirty cops. (Image: Channel Seven)
Knowing there are armed and dangerous men inside, the friends climb down the lift shaft to avoid being detected.
Making their way in, they managed to prise open the door and spot Alex collecting supplies for Bella. Colby tells Alex she needs to create a distraction. Upon returning to the group,
Alex enlists the help of Mackenzie, who starts a commotion.
When Dean's phone rings, alerting the gunmen to their presence in the building, the pair are forced to retreat back up the lift shaft.
Dean makes his way into the hospital. Image: Channel Seven
As Dean and Colby try to plot their next move, they can't agree on the best plan of attack. Instead, in what could prove a fatal decision, they decide to separate.
Colby heads down the shaft as Dean retreats into the stairwell. But he's horrified to find a gunman guarding the stairs.
Could we lose another Summer Bay favourite?
Mason stood up to the thugs (pictured) but it cost him his life. (Image: Channel Seven)

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