Emily Weir joins Home and Away as new girl Mackenzie

Why has Mackenzie come to Summer Bay?

By Maddison Hockey and Tina Burke
Summer Bay's newest resident, Mackenzie – the new owner of Salt – caught Colby's attention the moment she arrived.
But it seems it's Dean who has her interest. She drops a bombshell in Home And Away this week when she reveals he's the reason she's come to town.
When Mackenzie (Emily Weir) bumps into both Dean (Patrick O'Connor) and Colby (Tim Franklin) at the beach, she asks Dean about having some surfing lessons. Agreeing, but having to head to work, Dean offers a raincheck.
Before long, Mac turns up at the surf shop. It soon becomes clear she's not interested in learning to surf at all.
"Mackenzie remains a bit of a mystery," Emily tells TV WEEK. "No-one knows how she's connected to the Bay."
"Mackenzie remains a bit of a mystery," says Emily.
When she asks Dean a series of personal questions, he realises he's being grilled. Just as he turns the tables on her, however, Ben (Rohan Nichol) interrupts.
Soon after, when Dean learns from Willow (Sarah Roberts) that Mackenzie and Colby have hit things off, he decides to warn Mackenzie that Colby isn't ready for a relationship – he's still coming to terms with the end of his marriage to Chelsea (Ashleigh Brewer).
But she replies that it's not Colby she's interested in – she's come to Summer Bay looking for him.
Mackenzie is forced to come clean to a puzzled Dean. Just what has she been hiding?
Dean and Willow are trying to figure out new girl Mackenzie.
We caught up with new gal Emily to find out all about her new gig...
Have you always wanted to get into acting?
Always. I've always been a performer. I've been dancing since I was three – I've always done acting, musicals, dancing... it's in my blood to perform.
How did you feel when you learnt you'd landed the role of Mackenzie?
I was at an audition for something else when my agent called to tell me. I just screamed and started running around like a mad woman. It was such an overwhelming feeling; a dream come true.
"I just screamed!" Emily says of finding out about her role.
Were you a fan of the show before joining the cast?
Growing up, my whole family and I watched Home And Away religiously, and they still do. We're not allowed to call each other between 7pm and 7.30 'cause Homie is on! Mum won't answer my calls when it's on.
Who were you the most excited to meet when you first got to set?
Everyone! Obviously, Ray [Meagher], Georgie [Parker], Emily [Symons] and Lynne [McGranger] – the people who've been on the show longest. I turned red [when meeting them].
Welcome to the cast, Emily!
Home And Away airs Monday to Thursday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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