This is why the River Boys are in town in Home And Away

Brace yourself for the dramatic return of the River Boys!

By TV Week team
Fans of Home And Away thought they had seen the last of the infamous River Boys when Darryl "Brax" Braxton (Stephen Peacocke) left town for good. But it turns out, they were wrong.
In explosive scenes this week, Ash's (George Mason) quest for vengeance takes a surprising turn when he calls on the infamous Mangrove River mob to help him find Robbo (Jake Ryan).
However, their return to Summer Bay is just the start of a shocking chain of events. Hold on to your hats, folks – things are about to get interesting.
Ever since a car crash claimed the life of Kat (Pia Miller) and her unborn baby, Ash has been consumed with hate. He believes Robbo is responsible for his ex-girlfriend's death and stole his chance of becoming a father.
The (River) Boys are back in town!
"He's not thinking straight," George, 27, says of his grief-stricken character.
"He lost everything, so Robbo is dead when Ash finally gets to him. He's seeing red, for sure, and he's not thinking rationally anymore."
The troublesome gang roar into town on big motorbikes as the local community gather at Salt for Kat's wake.
However, the River Boys – who were once led by Brax (Stephen Peacocke) and his brothers Heath (Dan Ewing) and Casey (Lincoln Younes) – are now taking orders from someone else.
With remarkably similar traits to his predecessor and the familiar "Blood And Sand" tattoo, Mangrove River local Dean (Patrick O'Connor) strides across the sand to meet Ash.
Ash introduces himself to gang leader, Dean
"Brax told me I could call you if I ever needed help," Ash says to Dean.
Ash hands out a photo of Robbo to the rowdy gang, while Tori (Penny McNamee) watches nearby. She fears her boyfriend is slipping away and there is nothing she can do to stop it.
"He's just so angry and believes Tori is protecting Robbo," George says.
After the wake, Tori heads home and is shocked to find Robbo in her backyard. He's barely conscious. Tori drags him into the garage and treats his injuries. Suddenly, her phone rings. It's Ash calling.
What will the good doctor do?

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