EXCLUSIVE: Bachelorette Blake Colman and Sophie Monk are still talking

For someone who usually has a lot to say, Blake Colman is suddenly a man with very few words and many sighs.

By Chloe Lal

Blake Colman was The Bachelorette Australia’s resident bad boy that loved to play hard to get, but when the 29-year-old entrepreneur didn’t get that rose, he was left crumbling.

Now, he's dishing on all things Sophie Monk.

The booted Bachelorette contender give his accounts on the world’s most uncomfortable home visit, how he and Sophie Monk are STILL talking to each other and why his deep-seeded hate for Jarrod Woodgate isn’t going anywhere.

Blake Colman, 29, Entrepreneur, WA

“Man, I could see my future with this amazing girl!”
“Man, I could see my future with this amazing girl!”

Blake can you talk us through that final rose ceremony and your tanty?
[Sighs] Very surprising. When Jarrod got called first – I was super surprised.

How did you feel home visits went for you?
Yeah – we had a lot of banter and a good time during the home visit.

Sophie hugged my mum goodbye and mum gave Soph her blessing…

So that was obviously good.

You told Soph you’d protect her, but she felt like you didn’t – what’s your side of the story?
I have no idea what happened.

So you’re under the impression the home visit was really positive and going well?

You were pretty upset during your to piece to camera after you didn’t get a rose – did you say anything to Sophie?
Umm, not really but me and Sophie are still really good friends now.

Blake thought his home visit went well and was shocked Soph sent him home before his arch nemesis, Jarrod.
Blake thought his home visit went well and was shocked Soph sent him home before his arch nemesis, Jarrod.

Did anything play out that we didn’t get to see?
I mean I don’t know how the edit has been put together but we had so many laughs.

My family are always like the sweetest things. They just asked normal questions but most of the time we were laughing.

It was really great to see Sophie mixing with my family [Sighs].

How are you doing Blake? You sound really upset. Are you reliving all those emotions again?
Yeah I guess.

I mean, I totally respect Sophie’s decision and what she felt at the time. We always want the best for Sophie.

It’s hard. I don’t get what she may want. There’s always someone who has their own emotions that they need to fulfill.

At the time I was really surprised. Looking back at photos from our date and hometowns – it brought up some feelings.

I do miss her, but I look at it like it’s really good that we can be best friends now.

That’s the most important thing.

So you guys are still in contact with each other - you’re still talking to one another ?

Were you actually falling in love with Sophie?
I think I had the weirdest time on the show. Some people can’t understand my sudden emotional outburst.

I mean, I took every single moment I had with Sophie and took every positive thing away and I bunched it all together.

Sophie really made me feel safe and I trusted her.

I opened up and became vulnerable – especially in such a short period of time.

That’s never happened to me. It was a very new and special experience.

Especially on my single date – that’s when we connected really strongly.

I remember thinking “Man, I could see my future with this amazing girl!”

Your one-on-one date was really special – do you think Sophie is just trying to protect herself and it’s easier to say goodbye now?
She’s got to do what she wants to do. She needs to think with her gut instinct and her heart at the same time.

I made the mistake of not opening up earlier and I have to live with that decision.

Hopefully she gets looked after by Apollo or Stu.

You said you changed your approach towards the end and scored that single date. What made you decided to change?
It wasn’t really making a decision, it just happened.

At the onesie party me and Soph had some one on one time.

I really opened up because it was such an emotional night all of us.

From then. we had another chat at one of the cocktail parties and she said to me that she wanted me to show her my emotional side.

You know, every girl wants that.

And the way she said it made me feel safe. It helped me understand that it is OK to be an emotional guy.

That’s when I dropped my guard and I wanted to show Sophie. And Jarrod couldn’t handle it.

The Blake Sophie saw was very different to the Blake around the boys. People like Jarrod really made their intentions clear but in the Bachelorette environment. is it hard to show your emotions and wear your heart on your sleeve?
Not at all. You’ve got to remember that a week in the house feels like a month.

When you hang out with the guys every single day – and they’re all legends, they were all there for the right reason – how I acted with the boys is how I was with Soph.

There was no difference. It’s just that you hang with the boys a lot more than with Sophie.

You don’t want to get your heart broken. And the guys can’t break your heart. It took me a little bit longer to open up.

At this stage, emotions are raw. How shocking was it to see James leave?
Last night was the first time I had ever received a rose first. To watch everything unfold after that.

I saw Jarrod get a rose and I could not believe it. Fair enough Sophie and I had a great date and we finally connected.

But to send Jimmy home – we were all heartbroken.

That was really quiet night in the house with me, Stu and Apollo. It was really sad.

You definitely ruffled feathers, some even dubbed you as the show’s villain – is that accurate?
Nah it’s all good!

How it’s all edited – they’ve done a great job.

I mean I am a straight shooter. I went into the house thinking there would be a bunch of douches.

But they’re all legends and they are there for Sophie.

You put that with me speaking my mind – I am a bit of a cheeky smart arse [Laughs].

I want people to smile and not to take things to seriously.

It’s really clear how tightknit the boys were but there’s a definite detachment with Jarrod. What we see as a viewer, is that what he is really like? From what we’ve gathered – you guys didn’t really get along. Is that accurate or more of a case of misunderstanding?
What you see is exactly what you get. Yeap. If Jarrod was to win, do you think in the real world he and Sophie would be well suited?
All I will say is that I hope Apollo and Stu are the top 2.

Do you have anything to say to Jarrod? Do you think you’d like to stay in touch?

Any regrets?
Not really aye. Maybe opening up earlier.

You seem to really want Stu or Apollo to win. Who do you think should?
They’re both amazing guys.

I mean, Apollo is such a gentlemen. He’s the son of Zeus.

And then you’ve got Stu, just classic Stu.

Sophie will have a really good future with either of those two.

You’re still in touch with Sophie, but in a public sphere is there anything you’d like say to her?
Everyone get behind Sophie! This is such a massive deal.

She is such a beautiful person and she’s so funny. She really does deserve to find the love of her life and unfortunately I couldn’t be that guy.

She is such a good human being.

Any truth to the rumours that you’re dating Tara or are you still single?
I’m focusing on getting through this experience and my work.

Me and Tara aren’t together.

Speaking of work – Fans are a little confused by your “slashie” job title of investor/entrepreneur – what do you actually do?
I’m an investor in a number of companies and I have a couple of businesses that I run and manage.

What did you learn from this entire experience – if anything?
Ahh – being able to open to a girl again and to feel safe.

Sophie taught me that quite strongly.

Would you consider Bachelor in Paradise?
Nah, not at all.