EXCLUSIVE: Sophie Monk’s secret dates and texts!

Who did Soph reconnect with on the down low, jeopardising her relationship with Number One?!

By OK! team

Sophie Monk's told everyone that her Bachelorette journey has been a complete success and that she’s totally in love.

So who’s she been low-key texting … because apparently, it’s not her main man!

One of the Bachie boys she sent packing apparently texted Sophie after the show wrapped. “I would like to keep in touch with the guys, [at least] some of them,” she told OK!. Ever since the 37-year-old admitted she wasn’t opposed to being friends with the guys post-show, we’ve been dying to know who couldn’t help but reconnect with Soph.

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A handful of the guys have openly said they’d want to stay friends after filming ended, including some of the hot favourites to win.

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With the fact that Stu Laundy and Sophie had met before the show being public knowledge, surely he’d feel comfortable reaching out to touch base. After all, they were (and probably still are) friends!

A few of the guys also seem pretty damn sure that their connection with Sophie is pretty solid, including Blake Colman. “We had plenty of kisses… and there were chats off-camera,” he shares. “I don’t think any of the other guys were a threat.”

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Sophie's said in past interviews that she wouldn't mind keeping in contact with some *Bachie* contestants. "[At least] some of them."
Sophie's said in past interviews that she wouldn't mind keeping in contact with some Bachie contestants. "[At least] some of them."

24-year-old Apollo was also super keen to keep in contact with Soph, regardless of the show’s outcome. “I’d love to keep in touch with Sophie if I don’t win, but that’ll also be up to the guy,” he says, respectfully.

With Jarrod’s name also being tossed around as a potential, it seems as though he would take rejection the hardest. Struggling to move past the strong connection he built with Sophie, we’d hardly be surprised if Jarrod is indeed the one who reached out.

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