The Bachelorette’s Blake mistook Jamie Foxx for Denzel Washington

Talk about awkward!
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Ever wondered what you’d say if you bumped into one of the biggest names in Hollywood? No? Well, thanks to The Bachelorette contestant Blake, here’s a quick lesson in what not to say.

Chatting to TV WEEK, the 29-year-old recalls the cringe-worthy moment he walked up to singer-songwriter Jamie Foxx and mistook him for Golden Globe winner Denzel Washington.

“I was out in Miami once and I was at a club and Jamie was chilling next to us in the booth,” a confident Blake explains.

Blake awkwardly got mixed up with Jamie Foxx (left) and Denzel Washington.

Blake reveals he’s dated models in the past.

“I’d never met a celebrity at that time before so I just looked at him and said, ‘Hey, you’re really good in (the movie) Training Day,’ and then he goes, ‘What?’”

It was in that moment that Blake realised it was Jamie and not Denzel he was talking to. So, instead of apologising, he decided it was best to play it cool.

“I was then like, ‘I’m joking man, what’s up?”

We can only imagine Jamie, who is now dating former Dawson’s Creek star Katie Holmes, was thinking, “Seriously, who is this guy?” but according to Blake, the Unpredictable hit maker simply laughed it off.

“He cracked up and we all started hanging out that night,” Blake reveals.

“That was my first fame sensation which was pretty cool.”

The entrepreneur from Western Australia went on to reveal that The Bachelorette Sophie Monk isn’t the only stunner he has wooed over the years.

“I mean, I sort of dated a few models and stuff when I’ve been on trips to Vegas, LA and Europe,” he says.

“I don’t really look to date. It just happens. I haven’t taken anything too seriously in the last couple of years.”

Hmm… We wonder what Sophie will think about that!

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