EXCLUSIVE: After rumours of a romance reconciliation, Sam Frost sets the record straight on her love life

''I have at times talked about things prematurely .''
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Dating is by no means an easy feat, as budding love can just as quickly dissipate with no warning or explanation.

Luckily for most people, it’s just their friends who find out about their latest failed flame, but for people in the public eye like Sam Frost, it’s the whole of Australia that has to know, which isn’t as straightforward.

In an exclusive interview with TV WEEK, Sam shares what it’s like trying to navigate her love life in the glare of the public eye.

From her brief engagement with Bachelor Blake Garvey in 2014 to finding love with Sasha Mielczarek during her stint as The Bachelorette in 2015, to her most recent relationship with Dave Bashford which ended in 2020, Australia has long been rooting for the star to find The One.

While Sam and Dave called things off last year, in February the pair were rumoured to be giving things another shot.

In February, she took to her social media account and shared a mirror selfie with the caption, “Date night.”

Then soon after, she shared a photo of her ex Dave at dinner, which appeared to confirm he was her date in question for the evening.

At the time, Daily Telegraph reported that Sam and Dave were spotted by onlookers spending the day together at Coogee beach before they went to a local sushi restaurant for dinner.

Since her breakup with Dave, there’s been plenty of speculation surrounding the pair but now she is ready to set the record straight.

“I understand why people are interested in my dating life because I was on the Bachelor and Bachelorette… but I don’t really have much to say at the moment anyway,” she reveals.

The Home And Away actor has changed the way she navigates public life, and she says that while it’s been a long process, she finds being more private is the best approach.

Sam with her ex Dave Bashford.

(Credit: Instagram)

“I think I have tried to keep that [her love life] a bit more private while I figure things about myself, and I have at times talked about things prematurely, and people will be like what is going on,” she laughs.

Sam’s career has been an unexpected journey from retail and customer service to having her life change on the Bachelor.

She’s since dabbled in reality TV, television, acting, and radio.

As impressive as her lengthy CV is, she readily admits that there have been many setbacks, but it’s in her nature to embrace failure.

“I say yes to opportunities! I had never done radio before, and I said yes. I am not afraid to go out of my comfort zone,” the 32-year-old explains.

“In my lifetime, I never want to stop growing, learning and evolving, and doing that means you are sometimes going to be uncomfortable.”

In 2017, Sam’s radio show she hosted with Rove McManus for 2DayFM was brutally axed after only 18 months on air.

WATCH BELOW: Sam and Rove try their hand at busking. Post continues after the video…

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Although most people saw this as a failure, the entertainer has a more positive outlook on the situation.

“The radio show that I did people say it failed, but I worked on the radio for 18 months. That is such an incredible part of my story.”

“I learnt so much, I met so many good people and I grew as a human and I learnt so much from that and I am so grateful, people may call that a failure but I call that a success,” she says proudly.

At the time, the public had a lot to say about the radio show getting cancelled, and although Sam has had time to reflect, she still can’t understand why people feel it is okay to tear people down in the public eye.

“People may call that a failure but I call that a success.”

(Credit: Instagram)

“I kind of feel like people don’t see you as a human,” the star muses.

“I just don’t have that mentality. I never understand when others tear people down, especially when they are trying something new, or doing something different, or putting themselves out there,” says Sam.

“I always found that so admirable, and it inspires me, so I never understood why people tear people down.”

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