Who is Princess Josephine of Denmark? Meet Queen Mary’s youngest child

She is her mother's mini-me.
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As the youngest of King Frederik X and Queen Mary’s children, Princess Josephine of Denmark has spent the entirety of her life in the public eye.

But who is Josephine really? Here’s everything there is to know about the young princess.

Josephine in May 2024. (Image: Getty)

Born on 8 January 2011, 26 minutes after her twin brother Vincent, Josephine Sophia Ivalo Mathilda is the youngest member of the Danish royal family.

It’s believed that the 13-year-old was given her first name in tribute to one of her godmothers, Josephine Rechner as well as Josephine of Leuchtenberg who was the Queen of Sweden and Norway from 1844 to 1859.

Meanwhile, her middle name Sophia is from the Greek word meaning “wisdom”, Ivalo is a Greenlandic name meaning “thread”, and Mathilda is thought to be an homage to her mother’s Australian roots as the name is featured in the iconic Australian song, Waltzing Matilda.

Along with her twin brother Prince Vincent, Josephine also has two other older siblings. Crown Prince Christian was born in 2005 and Princess Isabella was born in 2007.

A very young Josephine with her mother Mary. (Image: Getty)

As fourth in line to the Danish throne, it is highly unlikely that Princess Josephine will ever become Queen of Denmark, but she is likely to spend much of her life attending royal engagements and representing the crown.

The 13-year-old appeared at her first ever royal engagement in 2014, when she was just three years old. All four royal children accompanied their parents King Frederik and Queen Mary on an official visit to Greenland, where they planted trees in Qaqortoq’s new grove at the time, Ivalos og Miniks Poppellund.

The grove was named after both Josephine and Vincent who are known by their Greenlandic names in the country.

Since 2023, the princess has attended Kildegård Private School in Gentofte, and prior to that she and Vincent went to the same public school as their older siblings, Tranegårdsskolen.

Josephine and Vincent with Queen Mary in 2019. (Image: Getty)

Who are the godparents of Princess Josephine of Denmark?

Princess Josephine has six godparents in total, including her paternal aunt, Princess Marie of Denmark, and her maternal aunt Patricia Bailey.

Her other godparents are close friends of Frederik and Mary, Prince Carlo, Duke of Castro, Count Bendt Wedell, Birgitte Handwerk and Josephine Rechner.

Who does Princess Josephine look like?

As Princess Josephine has continued to grow up and develop into a beautiful young woman, royal onlookers have begun to make comparisons between the young royal and her mother in terms of appearance.

Her long brown hair, round cheeks and shy smile are just some of many features Josephine shares with Queen Mary.

The Danish royal family often upload photos of the children to their social media pages, and followers are quick to take to the comments and make known their opinions about who each child looks like.

On a post from May 2024, one person wrote, “Josephine really looks a lot like our queen☺️”, while another echoed that sentiment on the twins’ 13th birthday portrait, saying, “Gosh, Josephine is so much like you Princess Mary!!”

Josephine (left), Isabella (middle) and Vincent (right) in May 2024. (Image: Instagram)

What titles does Princess Josephine of Denmark have?

Josephine’s official title is Her Royal Highness Princess Josephine of Denmark, Countess of Monpezat.

The title of Countess of Monpezat is a title of nobility given to all direct descendants of King Frederik X and his brother Prince Joachim.

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