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The new Danish heir: All about Prince Christian of Denmark

Who is the new heir?
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The new heir to the Danish throne, Crown Prince Christian of Denmark.

He’s quite a private young man and at only 18 he hasn’t much to do outside of his royal beginnings. So what do we know?

Prince Christian on his 18th birthday.

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Who is Prince Christian?

Prince Christian is the first born of King Frederik and Queen Mary and therefore, first in line for the Danish throne.

Christian Valdemar Henri John was born on October 15, 2005 in Rigshospitalet at the Copenhagen University Hospital.

He was named Christian because Denmark has a four-century-old tradition of alternating the names Christian and Frederik as Danish kings.

After Christian turned 18, he took the next step forward in becoming King by swearing on the constitution.

This allows him to act as regent if both his parents are prevented from governing.

After Christian signed, it marked the first time that three generations in line of succession were at the Council of State at the same time.

Queen Margrethe bestowed the Order of The Elephant to Prince Christian on his 18th birthday.

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What does his change in position mean for him?

His title has changed to Crown Prince of Denmark but that is not the only difference, he might receive a large royal allowance.

Previously the Danish Royal Palace issued a statement explaining that Prince Christian would not receive any financial aid “until he turns 21 or upon a possible change of throne, if it takes place before that”.

He might increase his public duties now that his parents are King and Queen but for the meantime the palace has made it clear his “main priority in the coming year will be the completion of his upper secondary education”.

Prince Christian with his siblings, Queen Mary and King Frederik.

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Will Prince Christian go to university or military?

It is highly likely that he will undergo some military training just like his father and many other men in the royal family.

As for university, after Christian completes his secondary education, he can decide to go to university like his parent did.

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