Who does Princess Charlotte look most like? From Catherine, to Princess Diana and even the Queen

Charlotte's growing up and royal watchers have a few theories about who she's taking after!
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She’s the “lady like” princess whose cuteness has won over the world – but where does Princess Charlotte get it from?

As she grows up before our eyes, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Wales has won hearts around the world with her charming antics – who could forget that royal wave she’s already mastered like a pro!

Every time proud parents Prince William and Catherine, the Princess of Wales release a stunning new photo of their only daughter, fans flood social media with their thoughts on who they think she looks like most.

While many have been quick to point out her similarities to her mum, Catherine, others think she bears a striking resemblance to her namesake and late grandmother – Princess Diana.

Just like when Diana was a little girl, the pair share the same soft smile, sparkling eyes and cheeky expression, while others are convinced she’s a dead ringer for her late great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.

The fourth in line to the throne has grown so much since her arrival in 2015 with the angelic royal embodying features from both the Middleton and Windsor sides of her family.

But who does she look like most? Click through the gallery to see the best comparisons and decide for yourself!

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When the Prince and Princess of Wales released their 2023 Christmas card, many people flocked to the comment section to share their thoughts on who Princess Charlotte looks like. Many commenters highlighted how much Charlotte looks like Prince William when he was her age.

“Princess Charlotte looks just like her father,” one person shared, whilst another stated, “Princess Charlotte is gorgeous and poised, the Queen, Diana and PW [Prince William] all rolled into one.”

(Image: Instagram/Getty)

To celebrate the young princess’ eighth birthday, the Prince and Princess of Wales shared a beautiful portrait. But fans couldn’t help but notice her striking resemblance to her late great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth with her big smile and cheeks.

(Image: Getty)

As she stepped out for her first day at her new school in September 2022, Princess Charlotte’s resemblance to the late Queen didn’t go unnoticed. Her facial features in particular proved she is her great-grandmother’s mini-me.

(Image: Instagram)

Charlotte appeared in a rare video with dad William to cheer on the British women’s football team the Lionesses, and fan’s couldn’t deny how much the princess resembled her late grandmother Princess Diana as a young girl.

Watch the sweet video below.

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In her smart button up coat that she donned for Prince Philip’s memorial service in March 2022, Princess Charlotte was the spitting image of her late grandmother, Princess Diana, when she was around the same age.

Getty/Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Instagram

The Cambridges’ 2021 annual Christmas portrait, taken during a trip to Jordan, lifted the world’s spirits and began a scavenger hunt to find out who the heirs take after the most. Princess Charlotte stood out among royal watchers who compared the six-year-old to a five-year-old Queen Elizabeth. It’s not hard to see why, as they appear to share the same hooded eyes and high cheekbones.

Getty/Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Instagram

However, with her mother beside her, we are also drawn to their similar features, as they clearly share the same nose, smile, and British rose complexion. Of course, Catherine is a brunette and Charlotte a blonde, but it’s evident the Duchess of Cambridge shares the same colouring as her daughter, and if that isn’t so obvious to some, then we will all have to agree that their locks are equally luminous.


The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge shared this stunning photo of their daughter in honour of the Big Butterfly Count initiative taking place across the UK in August 2021, but all we could see was Princess Diana. Charlotte is the spitting image of her late grandmother in the snap, even posing with her head tilted down in one of Diana’s signature moves.

And this isn’t the first time Charlotte has been likened to Diana – scroll through to see the other times they looked alike.

(UK Press Association/Getty)

To mark Charlotte’s sixth birthday Kensington Palace released a gorgeous new portrait of the vibrant young Princess, taken by Duchess Catherine in Norfolk.

Dressed in a blue floral dress and grinning from ear to ear we think her dad William is definitely getting more of a look in as she grows up.

(Kensington Royal)

We caught glimpses of both Kate and Wills in Charlotte during the beautiful family video they released following their 10th wedding anniversary.

An adorable new video which shows Charlotte taking after her mum in the sweetest way emerged in 2020. In a Zoom call made by Kate from her lounge, she can be seen reaching back to twirl her hair which was pulled back in a ponytail. The twirl is identical to that done by Charlotte in a sweet video of the young royal on her first day of school back in September 2019.

At the time, the five-year-old’s hair was also pulled back into a ponytail as she walked into Thomas’s Battersea in London with parents, Wills and Kate and brother George, doing what we will now deem the iconic twirl.

Watch the comparison in the video below!

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(Getty / Kensington Royal)

In a sweet video released by Kensington Royal as David Attenborough’s Our Planet was released in 2020, fans could think of one thing only – Lady Diana and young Charlotte certainly have a lot in common.

(Images: The Duchess of Cambridge/Kensington Royal, Getty)

And earlier in 2020, Kensington Palace shared a series of new family photos to mark Prince William’s birthday. As soon as they dropped,Charlotte’s similarities to her late grandmother, Princess Diana were clear. The pair certainly share the same pursed smile, button nose and captivating eyes.

Image: Kensington Royal

The Palace released a series of new portraits to mark Princess Charlotte’s fifth birthday, and royal fans couldn’t help but comment on the similarities between the middle Cambridge child and Princess Margaret’s daughter, Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones, or Lady Sarah Chatto.

Image: Getty

The similarities between the pair are uncanny, as seen in these side-by-side photos. Clearly they both love green!

Gan-Gan’s double? When these three photos of Princess Charlotte were released to mark her fourth birthday, many royal watchers have pointed out Charlotte’s likeness to her great-grandmother when she was a little girl. (Images: The Duchess of Cambridge, Getty)

Two royal peas in a pod! Charlotte is giving us major Princess Elizabeth, pictured on the grounds of Windsor Castle in 1936, vibes. (Images: The Duchess of Cambridge, Getty)

Two regal ladies in the making. (Images: The Duchess of Cambridge, Getty)

While there’s no denying there’s a strong cross-over with Queen Elizabeth, we’d like to point out just how much Princess Charlotte takes after her mother. Those lips! That hair! We’re seeing double… (Images: The Middleton family, The Duchess of Cambridge)

And just as we thought she was Kate mini-me, along comes dad Prince William at the same age and we literally can’t make our minds up now.

Of course, it’s not the first time the two have been compared. Instagram account Teatime with the Cambridges shared a picture of a young Prince William and Princess Charlotte at Princess Eugenie’s royal wedding and the two have the same cheeky smirk! (Image: Instagram @teatimewiththecambridges)

Prince Louis may be her little brother but he looks just like Princess Charlotte when she was the same age. (Images: L-R Instagram @kensingtonroyal/Chris Jackson/Getty)

Well this was unexpected! Princess Charlotte is the spitting image of Lady Kitty Spencer, Prince William’s maternal cousin when she was a little one. (Images: Kitty Spencer Instagram and HRH The Duchess of Cambridge/REX/Shutterstock)

How did we not notice this?! During the royal tour of Poland and Germany with brother Prince George and mum and dad Duchess Catherine and Prince William back in 2017, Princess Charlotte made us look twice when she stepped out in uncle Prince Harry’s little red shoes from 1986!

Those pursed lips and that cheeky expression of Charlotte’s reminded the world of a young Princess Diana (L) when she was the same age.

Charlotte doesn’t just share Diana’s name! Fans have been quick to point out how much the little royal looks like her late grandmother (L).

In May 2017, we saw Princess Charlotte in her sparkling role as Pippa Middleton’s bridesmaid. And the little princess has clearly inherited her mum’s luscious locks and sweet smile.

Charlotte looks so much like mum Kate when she was a flower girl at Gary Goldsmith and Miranda Foote’s nuptials back in 1991. [Pic Credit:]

The youngster also shares her stunning aunt’s beautiful features. [Pic Credit:]

She really is Duchess Kate’s mini-me.

Of course royal fans can’t help but compare the two-year-old to her Gan-Gan. They just look so alike!

Now that’s a royal smile – and how good are their perfectly coiffed curls?

It looks like the little one has mum Catherine’s (right) brunette hair and big doe eyes.

Who could forget when Princess Charlotte made her very first overseas debut as she joined her parents, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge along with her big brother George for their royal tour of Canada.

And it’s not just Catherine’s features she has! Fans took to social media to share how much they were reminded of Charlotte’s great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, from when she was a young Princess.

One person admitted to Woman’s Day, “Is it just me or does this baby girl look a lot like the Queen?” Within minutes, people rushed to agree, with another quipping, “1st thing that crossed my mind when I saw this picture!”

Following the birth of Princess Charlotte, Her Majesty was heard saying, rather proudly, “We love to have another girl!”

With Prince William’s “little joy of heaven” having such admirable role models, we expect sweet Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana of Cambridge will live up to her name! Watch the now two-year-old’s exciting arrival to Canada in the next slide!

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Of course, this isn’t the first time Princess Charlotte were reminded of Her Royal Highness. At 13 months old, she made her very first Buckingham Palace balcony appearance in late May at Trooping the Colour. And royal well-wishers were once again reminded them of the lady of the moment, Queen Elizabeth.

Mum Catherine certainly loves dressing and styling her little one to match Charlotte’s Gan-Gan.

Both girls share a sweet disposition and those famous royal cheeks.

The tiny tot has one thing down pat, the Queen’s royal wave.

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Last year, in celebration of Princess Charlotte’s first birthday, Duchess Catherine shared four new snaps of the little royal… At the time, comparisons were made to her big brother Georgie! Look at those matching pensive looks and divine cheeks.

Clearly blue eyes run in the family… Charlotte also reminds us of her dad, Prince William, when he was a bub.

Cherub cheeks and the sweet almond eyes… these siblings sure have the cute factor in spades.

Curiosity runs in the family…

There’s no doubt the little Princess has similar features to her two-year-old brother. The pair share the same bow lips and button noses however the prince has much lighter hair than his younger sis.

At Charlotte’s 2015 christening, it was hard to tell George (main, pictured at his 2013 christening) and her (inset) apart!

The resemblance between a young Prince William (L) having a chuckle is eerily similar to his daughter.

Where as Prince George has inherited Wills’ blonde locks, It seems the princess is the perfect mix of everyone, while having her own distinct look.

It’s a royal flush! We got déjà vu when we saw Charlotte at her christening (L). She looks so much like her big brother George, when he got christened back in 2013 (R).

We cannot wait to see Princess Charlotte grow before us. We imagine she’ll take after her beautiful mother, Catherine, pictured here at age five.

Siblings that love to share! Both George and Charlotte were cradled in the same crochet blanket when they made their hospital debut.

Duchess Catherine, pictured with sister Pippa, shares an incredible bond with her siblings, and we can’t wait to see that mirrored in her two kids.

IMAGE: Getty

Royal fans went wild at how much Charlotte looks like her late great grandmother the Queen in a 2022 Christmas card.

Many commented that Charlotte was a ”carbon copy” of the monarch.

IMAGE: Getty

At the coronation of her grandfather, Princess Charlotte looked identical to younger brother Louis!

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