After 70 days out of the spotlight, the Princess of Wales reappears with her mum

Why Kate Middleton really vanished.
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The entire world breathed a sigh of relief last week after the beloved Princess of Wales was spotted for the first time since her January surgery a week after her 42nd birthday.

Looking tired but determined on the way home from the school run, the mum-of-three was being driven by her mother Carole Middleton, 69, putting an end to months of intense speculation about the whereabouts of the “missing” Princess.

Why Kate really vanished… (Image: Getty)


The day before the surprise sighting in Windsor, Kate’s name had been removed from the official list of attendees at the Trooping the Colour event in June after an apparent palace blunder failed to notify the Ministry of Defence.

Combined with the ongoing mystery of Kate’s illness, the correction inflamed crazed theories that included everything from a secret divorce to her being in a coma.

However, a longtime friend of Kate’s says, “She’s had enough of all the crazy speculation, and even though the Trooping ceremony is months after Easter, it was ridiculous to expect her to sit through such a long outdoor event when she’s just getting back on her feet.

“Kate’s doing great and she’s on track for her Easter deadline, just not a military parade. This healing process has taken a lot out of her but she’s always been a fighter.

“This wasn’t the first time she’s been on the school run, but it’s the first time she was seen – in fact, she might be in a bit of trouble with her docs for not resting up. But Kate felt she had no choice. She was sick of the speculation about her health and with the country still in shock over the King’s diagnosis, it was important to rest everyone’s fears. The kids were starting to get questions at school about it, so she’s relieved she was spotted. It’s going to stop a lot of nonsense.”

Kate looked happy and healthy with the kids and William on Christmas Day. (Image: Getty)


Friends say husband Prince William, 41, has been doing everything he can to protect Kate’s privacy, however alarm bells went off last month when he pulled out of reading the eulogy at his godfather King Constantine of Greece’s funeral in Windsor “due to a personal matter” – and the continuing mystery around Kate’s specific condition.

“William’s committed to being available for the children and taking the pressure off Kate,” adds the friend. “Everyone assumed it was bad news about Kate, but that may not always be the case and that’s all I’ll say on the matter.

“The simple reason Kate’s been in ‘hiding’, as some might say, is she’s under doctor’s orders. It’s also worth noting that she and William have made her and the kids’ security a top priority.

“Since Harry and Meghan’s betrayal, the level of paranoia over leaks and loyalties has been hellish in the palace. Kate wants to guard her privacy and protect the children from the crazy speculation,” adds the source.

A family-first approach is also what we can expect of the modern royals now. “William’s desperate to keep her stress-free and safe and he’s grateful to have Kate’s family so willing to help out. The vitriol Kate gets from Sussex fans on social media has gone off the charts since Harry’s book came out and it’s all been too much.

“It’s why she’s not being pressured to do engagements, even over Zoom or a phone call. Right now her health and her privacy are of utmost concern. She can’t wait to be back on the front, but she knows she needs to have her health back to normal to do the job to her own high standards.”

With Princess Catherine recovering, Prince William is determined to protect her. (Image: Getty)

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