Becoming heir to the throne has not been without its complications for Prince William

Prince William at breaking point.
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Looking effortlessly chic in his trademark velvet tux, a smiling Prince of Wales did his best to keep calm and carry on he as attended the 2024 BAFTA Awards without his wife Princess Catherine last week.

Since his father the King’s devastating cancer diagnosis, William’s world has been turned completely upside down, all while his number one supporter, Kate, has been recovering from major abdominal surgery.

SOLO ON THE RED CARPET: Wills attended the BAFTAs without Kate. (Image: Getty)

It’s a situation royal insiders say has caused “something of a breakdown” for the usually stoic 41-year-old.

“There’s no doubt it’s been an incredibly tough time for the family,” says an insider. “To nobody’s surprise, a coronation is already being discussed. Not out of disrespect for Charles, but out of respect for the Crown. You can’t imagine the pressure William is under right now,” the palace sleuth admits.


Behind Wills’ brave front, long-time friends paint a different picture of a man “racked with worry” and desperately wishing for more time.

“It’s like everything’s hitting him all at once,” one close friend tells Woman’s Day. “He’s barely recovered from the Queen’s passing and he’s faced with his wife’s health scare, his father ailing, even Aunt Sarah, all while keeping a tight lip over his out-of-control brother. Don’t be fooled by his calm demeanour – it’s his job to save face.”

Friends say aside from Kate and the King’s health, William’s greatest worry is how the situation is affecting his children, George, 10, Charlotte, eight, and Louis, five.

“It’s definitely unsettled them,” adds the friend. “They have so many questions he’s unable to answer. They’re still devastated over losing their great-granny and the reality of losing a loved one is very real for them. Seeing their mum unwell and their grandpa and pa so worried, it’s a huge weight on William’s mind.”

DEVOTED HUSBAND: The prince supported his wife through her own health scare. (Image: Getty)

Kate’s incredible and doing what she can, but that only adds to his concerns that it may delay her recovery – something that’s much needed for that family unit right now.

“William’s at his wits’ end. For the first time ever he’s started to fear taking the throne. It’s too soon and couldn’t come at a worse time for him and Kate. The kids are just too young and need him and their mum for another 10 years. He was lucky to have his father available – unlike Charles, whose mum had to put country first all his life. He doesn’t want that for George, Charlotte and Louis. Not yet, anyway.”

Despite those close to him insisting Wills “doesn’t like to think about it”, it’s believed the heir is also growing tired of the antics of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on these quasi-royal tours all around the world. “He worries about his niece and nephew being raised by strangers – and he’s concerned as to how Harry’s paying for it all.”

There’s been tension between the brothers since Harry stepped back as a senior royal in 2020. (Image: Getty)

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