Today host calls out Prince Harry’s claims the Queen was a passive bystander

''Is it the truth or his truth?''
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Today host Brooke Boney has called out Prince Harry’s account of the ‘Sandringham Summit’ in which he claimed the departed Queen Elizabeth was sidelined while discussing his future in the royal family.

The Channel Nine host questioned the Duke of Sussex’s statement in which alleged the Queen summoned himself, Prince William and the now King Charles on January 13, 2020, to resolve the ‘Megxit’ issue.

Brooke called out Prince Harry’s accusations.

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Prince Harry claimed the late Queen “quietly [sat] there” as William yelled at him while his father said things that “weren’t true”.

Brooke was shocked by the suggestion that the Queen was a bystander given her status in the royal family. The Today host questioned The Daily Mirror’s royal editor Russell Myers, asking: “So, if the Queen, the monarch, isn’t running the shop, then who is?”

Russell responded: “Well that’s a big question. Just last week we had Harry saying during the Sandringham Summit – rushing out of the deal to make Harry and Meghan able to leave the royal family – he said the Queen was sitting there.

Prince Harry claimed Prince William ‘screamed’ at him.

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“It was his brother screaming at him from across the table. Charles sitting there having a moan about the situation. What is it? Was the Queen a pasty in her final days or was she the head of the shop, the one running the show?

“Harry can’t have it all his way.”

Both Brooke and Russell questioned whether Prince Harry was telling the truth or his own version of the truth.

“He really gets himself in a bit of a muddle to try and deliver his truth. It’s only one side of the story because the royal family aren’t going to hit back,” Russell said.

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Prince Harry has made numerous comments regarding the British royal family while promoting his memoir, Spare including where he said it was “terrifying” to have his brother allegedly “scream and shout” at him.

He brought further light to the situation during an interview with Good Morning America, claiming his grandmother was “sad” but not surprised by his exit.

“She knew what was going on. She knew who hard it was. I don’t know whether she was in a position to be able to change it.”

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