Prince Harry hit with a major royal snub from King Charles following leak of his memoir ‘Spare’

It's bad timing, alright.
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Prince Harry may be hopeful that he can still repair his relationship with his father, King Charles, but in the latest move to come from Buckingham palace, it’s hard to see any forgiveness being granted by the British Royal Family to Harry and his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Off the back of an explosive Netflix docuseries, Harry & Meghan, and more recently, Harry’s memoir Spare being leaked, together the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have made countless damning claims against members of the royal family, and as a result, Harry has been removed from the official role he was expected to have at his father’s coronation.

Traditionally at a coronation, the royal dukes are required to kneel before the new monarch and pay homage before touching the crown and kissing them on the right cheek.

However The Sunday Times has reported that King Charles is taking a break from tradition, with only Prince William performing the act of homage when the coronation occurs on May 6th.

Prince Harry will no longer be ‘paying homage’ to his father at the coronation of the King.

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Despite having no official role, and very publicly speaking out against King Charles and step-mother Camilla, Queen Consort, the 38-year-old is said to be still planning to make the trip to London for the coronation ceremony.

Prior to the release of the memoir, insiders have been claiming that King Charles III could prohibit Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, from attending the official coronation ceremony if Harry’s memoir portrays Queen Consort Camilla in a negative light.

Spare has done just that, with a leaked copy of the book ahead of its release revealing that Prince Harry and his brother Prince William urged their father not to marry Camilla.

But it is yet known if the king will still go as far as to prevent his youngest son from attending the historic event as a retaliation to the book’s contents.

Will this father and son ever be able to repair their fractured relationship?

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Prior to the books official release this Tuesday 10th January, we have also learnt that Harry suffered from jokes made often by King Charles that referenced rumours that Princess Diana cheated on Charles, implying that Harry may not actually be Charles son.

“Who knows if I’m even your real father?” he was said to say to Prince Harry.

The ‘tell-all’ memoir from Prince Harry has further damaged his relationship with his father.

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To add to Harry’s woes, the sales of the book may not be at the high level expected by himself and his publisher.

A book retailer in the UK, WHSmith, are already offering the book at half the retail price – and all customers have to do is pre order it.

Click HERE to pre-order Spare now, with 40% off, at Booktopia.

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