EXCLUSIVE: The Queen’s royal wedding rules for Sarah Ferguson REVEALED!

It’s her daughter’s big day, but Fergie will need to be on her best behaviour.
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After years of being shunned from the royal family for a series of scandals during her marriage to Prince Andrew, Sarah Ferguson has finally made her way back into The Firm – well, almost!

With her daughter Princess Eugenie set to marry her own prince charming Jack Brooksbank on October 12, Fergie, 58, is preparing to face the entire royal clan at her youngest daughter’s wedding, and Queen Elizabeth is doing all she can to make sure the once-exiled member of the family doesn’t ruffle too many feathers.

Palace aides have revealed to Woman’s Day Sarah Ferguson has been given a strict list of instructions to adhere to on 28-year-old Princess Eugenie’s big day.

“Fergie has been told she has to sit on Jack’s family’s side at the chapel,” one royal insider tells us.

“She’s also been banned from making a speech, as much as Eugenie would have liked her to, out of fear she may say something untoward or make subtle digs at the family.”

Woman’s Day has also learned Fergie won’t be mingling with all the guests at the wedding, and she’s been advised to steer clear of certain members of the family including Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Princess Anne, all of whom still struggle to forgive her past mistakes.

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Sarah knows she’ll be watched very closely.

Forgive and forget

“Some of the royals have very much forgiven Fergie for her misdemeanours, but the likes of Prince Philip and Princess Anne still don’t see her point of view,” another palace source tells us.

“Harry and Meghan invited her to their wedding ceremony, but it was very telling that she didn’t get an invitation to their reception – and William and Kate didn’t welcome her at all!”

“Of course, the Queen would not actually disallow Fergie from attending her own daughter’s wedding, but she’s wary disaster could strike if the duchess doesn’t behave herself.”

The Queen wants her granddaughter’s big day to go off without a hitch.

Bad behaviour

The Duchess of York has never shied away from scandal. In 1992, pictures showing Fergie getting her toes sucked by oil tycoon John Bryan paved the way for her divorce from Andrew in 1996.

Then, in 2010, she was famously filmed by News Of The World offering an undercover reporter access to her ex-husband for money.

But sources close to Fergie say she’ll be well behaved on Eugenie’s special day. The princess, who has been dating 32-year-old Jack for seven years, is set to say “I do” at Windsor Castle, just like her cousin Prince Harry did, then enjoy a reception at the Royal Lodge, owned by Fergie and Andrew.

All eyes will be on Fergie come October 12th.

Inside Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank’s lavish honeymoon

When it comes to her wedding, Princess Eugenie has spared no expense. And the same goes for her and Jack’s honeymoon!

“Eugenie and Jack are jetting to Madagascar by private plane, which in itself is costing more than $250,000 for the round trip,” one palace insider reveals.

“They’re staying at the exclusive 14-villa safari lodge called Miavana, where they have their own 464 square-metre villa with private plunge pool, 24-hour butler, private chef and two private tour guides and a driver to take them around.

“After 10 days in Madagascar, they’ll take another private jet to the island of Mauritius, where they’ll reside at the luxurious One&Only resort in Le Saint Geran at their most exclusive villa, named Villa One.”

Eugenie is the first daughter of Sarah and Andrew’s to tie the knot.

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