Take note, Megs! 6 seriously bizarre royal rules you had no idea existed

And one of them involves an ancient bird!
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The life of a royal is far more complex than it seems.

Behind the pomp and pageantry of their glamorous lifestyle lies a whole body strict regulations they must adhere to.

As Meghan Markle prepares to marry into the Royal Family this weekend, here are six seriously bizarre royal rules she’ll have to follow!

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You’ll never catch them doing THIS during walk-abouts

Have you ever noticed when royals are doing meet-and-greets with the general public, they politely decline offers of food and drink?

When Prince Harry was in Sydney last year, he turned down scones, tea and Tim-Tams.

It’s not because he doesn’t have a sweet tooth, it’s simply because it’s too much of a security risk to accept food from strangers.

In fact, the royal family used to employ “food tasters” to test their meals for poison.

WATCH: Prince Harry politely declines a Tim Tam. Post continues after the video…

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During meet-and-greets with the general public, royals are forbidden to eat food given to them.

When they’re attending official engagement such as a dinner or lunch, it’s fine for them to feast out on the cuisine.

Direct heirs used to be forbidden to travel together

Before the aviation industry evolved, direct heirs were never put in the same plane together in case it went down for fear of losing two potential rulers in one hit.

While quite a morbid strategy, these days the rule has been relaxed and you’ll often see Prince William and Prince George jetting about in the same aircraft.

WATCH: The Cambridges arrive in Canada. Post continues after the video…

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There needs to be at least 6 ravens in the Tower of London at ALL TIMES

Yes, you read the correctly.

This is quite possibly the best royal rule we’ve ever heard of.

Known as the Guardians of the Tower, this truly bizarro tradition dates back to an old school legend which claims: “If the ravens leave the Tower, the kingdom will fall…”

Charles II was the first King who insisted the landmark be stocked up with the birds and to this day, the fortress has seven ravens kicking about (six and an emergency spare) – better safe than sorry, right?

The majestic creatures are looked after by a Ravenmaster and are fed 170g of blood and biscuits every day – what a life!

Don’t believe us? Go and check them out yourself here.

Ravenmaster Derrick Coyle looks at one of the ravens at the Tower of London.

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If The Queen has had an elegant sufficiency, then your meal’s over too

If you’re ever lucky enough to dine with Her Majesty, etiquette dictates that guests and her family members must take every cue at the dinner table from the 92-year-old.

So theoretically, if Queen Elizabeth is full then diners would be expected to stop eating their meal as well.

Queen Elizabeth is the one calling all the shots at dinner time!

They’re not allowed to vote

Exercising your basic human right to vote doesn’t apply for our dear royals.

In essence, they are above politics as they already hold so much power and influence.

he Queen is the Head of State and the Church of England, therefore she must remain neutral when it comes to politics.

“The Queen’s role is to provide continuity and the focus for national unity, and the Royal Family’s public role is based on identifying with every section of society, including minorities and special interest groups,” British Monarchy’s official website explains.

When it comes to politics, the Royal Family must remain neutral.

6. No more freebies

Back in her aspiring actress days, Meghan Markle loved a freebie and a goodie bag.

But once you’re in The Firm, you can sadly kiss goodbye to accepting any free merchandise.

Royals can however accept gifts during official engagements and walkabouts but they have to publicly register them.

If a member of public sends gifts to the palace, they will usually be sent back with a kind thanks but no thanks note.

Sorry Meghan, no more freebies!

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