The British royals emerge from isolation for the first time after three months in lockdown – and there’s a whole new normal

They're officially stepping out!
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Members of the British royal family have begun their transition back into real life after months in lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leading the pack on the bright and sunny Tuesday was Prince Charles and wife Duchess Camilla, who have set the precedent for what the forseeable future of socially distant engagements will look like for the royals.

Attending the Gloucestershire Royal Hospital, the future King and his wife greeted workers there and thanked them for their tireless efforts during the height of the pandemic.

In true Charles fashion, he greeted them not with the old handshake, which went out of fashion quick-smart over the past few months, but with a simple Namaste greeting, bowing eloquently to each worker as he and Camilla chatted to the employees.

The new, socially distant normal.


Prince Charles and Camilla spent time meeting workers from the hospital.


Next up was Prince William, who until now has been in isolation at his country home Anmer Hall with wife Duchess Catherine and their three children.

The Prince stepped out to visit the Kings Lynn Ambulance Station at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, where he met and thanked staff from the East of England Ambulance Service Trust for their efforts amid the pandemic.

He also spent time learning about some of their experiences from the past few months.

The Prince spoke to staff about the impacts of the outbreak on their mental health, as they continued to work in response to the devastating disease.

Understandably, the workers and indeed many people across the globe have been tested mentally in the wake of the virus, and the pressures and stresses it took on society.

The royals have been doing their bit to help. In April, the Duke and Duchess launched ‘Our Frontline’, which is an initiative created to provide round-the-clock mental health and bereavement support to frontline staff and key workers.

They have also shone a light on their initiative Give Us A Shout, a 24/7 text service which offers support for anyone in need via text message.

Prince William met and thanked Ambulance staff who worked tirelessly throughout the height of the pandemic.


The next royal to step out was the ever hard working Princess Anne, who visited the Duke of Glousteshire Barracks.

She met with personnel who have been aiding the British Army respond to the pandemic.

The Corps have played a major part throughout the pandemic in the UK, providing support to regional testing sights, working closely with the NHS and helping with the smooth roll out of the new Nightingale hospitals.

Wearing a casual jacket and trousers combo, Anne looked to be in great spirits as she chatted and thanked the personnel on site.

In fact, going by the pictures above, the royals all looked thrilled to be back in action after months in lockdown.

Charles contracted the virus himself back in March, an alarming occurrence that he luckily recovered fully from.

The unprecedented pandemic has certainly connected humans on a whole other level, and seeing the royals hunker down like the the rest of the world made them more relatable than ever.

That said, there’s no denying we’re glad to see the royals slowly get back out into the real world as it begins to open back up in a new normal.

WATCH: Princess Anne sends a message to NHS health workers.

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