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The royals can't stop wearing this one colour - and it's for a very special reason

In these turbulent times, there's one overriding thing that's uniting the members of Britain's most regal family.

By Jess Pullar
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we've seen a significant shift in the British royal family as its members adapt to a new normal.
Interestingly, while their regular public appearances we so regularly had the good fortune to witness have all but stopped for the interim, we've still been clapping eyes on key members of the regal fold just as often (if not more so) via the not-so-newfound art form known as the humble video call.
Yes, Kate, William, Sophie of Wessex and even Prince Charles have well and truly hopped aboard the trending train, and if you've been privvy to watching all of them multiple times over (as we so shamelessly have) you might have noticed an overriding feat making itself very well seen in each clip.
Yep, you weren't the only ones to notice the fact that the royals seem to be wearing an awful lot of blue of late.
Of course, it shouldn't come as a huge surprise given the family are often associated with the regal hue (blue blood, anyone?).
That being said, it seems that the consistent use of blue might have a little more to it, this time around - and we reckon we know exactly why.
The Cambridge family were decked out in blue for their special televised appearance. (BBC)
It all properly started when the Cambridge family surprised the masses with an appearance on BBC One's Big Night In, where they were filmed joining in the Clap for Carers initiative.
The national campaign sees thousands of people across Britain stopping at 8pm each Thursday and clapping from their homes in lockdown for the nurses and carers working tirelessly on the frontline during the pandemic - and it was the ultimate treat to see the Cambridge family clap along with them from their country home in Norfolk.
Of course, you can't have a royal appearance without people the world over unpacking every single part of their outfits - and in this case, blue was most definitely the new black.
It seemed Kate's floral blue Ghost dress, along with George's navy checkered shirt and Charlotte's light blue summer dress sent the ultimate message of support for NHS workers - the organisation's trademark colour just so happens to be the deep-ocean tone.
The Duchess has a plethora of garments in the popular colour. (Kensington Royal)
In the weeks following, we saw Duchess Catherine don the colour not once, not twice, but multiple times over as she continued to partake in various video calls to shine a light on some of the work people are doing behind the scenes amid the pandemic.
Her zig zag sky blue Tabitha Webb jumper was eye-catching, to say the least. Then came her beautiful Boden floral wrap dress, once again featuring the colour blue (surprise, surprise).
And her latest escapade into the colour of the season came this week when she made some very special video calls to nurses across the world in honour of International Nurses Day.
Her blue polka-dot Altuzarra dress turned heads a-plenty as she spoke candidly to the women and men leading the frontline in hospitals spanning tens of different countries.
Duchess Kate's Altuzarra dress made a statement in her video call with nurses across the globe. (Kensington Royal)
And she wasn't the only one.
During the clip featuring Kate's calls, she was joined by Sophie of Wessex, as well as Prince Charles, Prince William and several other key royal family members as they celebrated the important date.
And interestingly throughout the clip, our eyes saw blue. Again, and again, and again.
Notice an overriding theme to this little clip? (Kensington Royal)
To add to the blue-filled spectacle, even the Queen herself, who is known for wearing colours of very special significance, wore a light powder blue ensemble when she filmed a special address to the nation for VE Day.
"Our streets are not empty; they are filled with the love and the care that we have for each other," the Queen poignantly announced in the powerful clip.
Even the Queen is on-board the blue wagon. (Buckingham Palace)
So with the overwhelming evidence at hand, we can draw one simple conclusion to the season's most popular colour.
Along with being the NHS's trademark shade, blue is often associated with hospitals and care workers. Perhaps it's because of their offical blue scrub garb? Or simply because it's a calming colour to look at?
Whichever way you look at it, it's no wonder the famous British family are using their influence to not only show their support for nurses, doctors and everyone on the frontline outwardly through their words, but also through their clothing.
Now that's a subtle tribute we're fully on board with.
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