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Duchess Catherine wears a $500 jumper during video call to new mother who just gave birth in lockdown

''This is definitely a first, I think!"

By Rebecca Sullivan
While the coronavirus pandemic means the royal family aren't able to carry out their regular official appearances, that hasn't stopped them from connecting with members of the public via video call.
Like so many of us, the royals are regularly jumping on Zoom or FaceTime to connect with both family members and work colleagues, as they try to remain connected during these tough times.
And now Kensington Palace has just released a new clip of Duchess Catherine's most recent video call, to new parents Rebecca Atwood and John Gill, who recently welcomed baby Max into the world.
"Hello! Very nice to meet you! This is definitely a first, I think!" Kate began the video, and was soon clearly taken with baby Max.
"He is so sweet. Ah, congratulations! When did you have him?" she asked mother Rebecca, who explained he had arrived at 10pm the night before.
Kate, herself a mother of three, replied: "My goodness, you must be exhausted."
Rebecca later revealed to HELLO! magazine exactly what she and Kate discussed during their video call.
"Having a baby is an extraordinary experience at any time, but having one during lockdown and then having a surprise conversation with the Duchess of Cambridge after two hours' sleep was particularly surreal!" Rebecca said.
"The Duchess asked us about having a baby at such an unusual time, and our experience on the maternity ward was that all the midwives made it as normal as possible – apart from the masks, it was exactly the same as when we had our first son, Rafe, in 2015. The midwives were amazing on both occasions."
The Duchess met new parents Rebecca and John, and their baby son Max on the call. Image: Kensington Palace
The Duchess of Cambridge met the new parents during a video call to midwives she worked alongside during a short work placement at a London hospital late last year.
Kate was speaking to the health workers ahead of UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week (May 4-10) and learned about how the coronavirus pandemic has altered the birthing experience for new parents, as well as health staff.
The Duchess has long supported various mental health charities and encouraged everyone to speak up during times like these.
"It's so important to access and reach out for help when you need it," she told the group of midwives.
"We've heard it with the frontline workers, for those who are struggling, they don't feel they can reach out because they feel guilty for doing it, which is extraordinary to hear. With new mums and parents and families, they don't want to feel like they're overburdening [the NHS] but it is so important to reach out and ask for help when you do need it."

The mother to Prince George, six, Princess Charlotte, five, and Prince Louis two, also said speaking to other women was the key to eliminating feelings of isolation.
"You speak to six mums and all of you realise you are going through the same thing," she said, encouraging others to get in touch with mothers in their network.
"Before that, you're worried that actually what you're experiencing, you're the only one who's going through it. And it's exactly the same for new mums whether through pregnancy or with a newborn baby, you know, you feel that you're the only one actually experiencing something."
The Duchess looked glowing in the clip. Image: Kensington Palace
Royal fans were quick to spot the lovely blue jumper Kate wore during the call - it's from UK brand Tabitha Webb.
But the beautiful wool and cashmere blend knit, which features a white geometric design, doesn't come cheap - the jumper costs £275.00 ($533).
The jumper features a unique zig-zag design. Image: Tabitha Webb
However, Kate has previously worn a more affordable design during her video chats in lockdown.
Fans went wild over her orange Zara jumper, which costs a much more affordable $58.
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